Why I recommend these toys for toddlers

Toys aren't just for playing, they are actually learning tools for your child. Providing your toddler with hands-on games through manipulating of toys or even a simple game "hide and seek" will help optimize your child's brain to learn.

As a first teacher of your child, you are responsible for nurturing and maximizing his over-all development - mental, social and physical.  I strongly believed that every child is a genius but in a different way. Agree? Of course,  with our proper guidance, we can help bring out the best in him. Who knows? He can be a future Scientist, a future Musician,  a future Artist, or maybe a future Hollywood Actor.  So allowing him to manipulate with different stimuli (toys) will help you determine his best potential.

When it comes to choosing toys for my child,  aside from it entertains,  it should be educational too.  Just a recommendation for Moms - these are the toys my toddler loves to play with starting from her 1st birthday until now (18th month.)

1. Multicolored Stack Cup -  This type of toy will help your child identify colors, shapes, and numbers later on.  It will also encourage logical thinking, creativity, and sequencing by stacking, unstacking, sorting out, organizing, combining two shapes to form another shape or any idea your toddler can come up with.

2. Musical Instruments -  Want to have a musician wannabe? Then include any musical instrument in your baby toy's list.  Toddlers are very much attracted to different sounds. When they hear a music, they respond to the rhythm by dancing or rocking their head. According to studies, there is a correlation between academic performance with children who are exposed to music. It vitalizes parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development."

3. Toys that talk or make noise when pressed -  Aside from it entertains, it also develops interaction and communication skills for your toddler.

4.  Picture Books - By introducing this early to your child will help her familiarize and identify texts, colors, and objects. Toddlers love looking at pictures and turning the page from one to another as if they understand and know how to read.

5. Ride-on Vehicles - No kid who doesn't  love riding. He would love to explore the "OUTSIDE WORLD" aside from the four corners of your house. At this age, you can let him ride a trike (three-wheeled vehicle.) Aside from developing his gross motor skills, he will gain confidence as soon as he learns to run the trike by himself.

6.  Shapes Fit Puzzle - Aside from helping toddlers to learn different shapes,  it will also help develop their logical thinking skills and make them become a persistent problem-solver. It doesn't matter when your toddler cannot shoot the right shape to the hole because he would love to try out things again and again until he gets the tricks. Just be cautious that some shapes are small for your toddler to put on her mouth.

7. Balls -  Toddlers love to follow objects in motion. Once they grasp a ball, they love throwing, rolling and kicking it, then he will pick it up to throw, roll, and kick again. It is just fine because you are helping to develop his gross motor skills  (eye-hand coordination). You also help him to develop his physical skills.

Final Thought:

Toys don't necessarily to be available in the baby's toy shop, there are in fact available just within your house such as real-life accessories - your ladle, spoon, cardboard boxes, remote control, cans, empty plastic containers, drinking cup and  some unused stuff  which are even more fun for them than their expensive toys. Anything he held tickles his imagination. Just always keep your eye on him as one of his habits is putting things in his mouth.  So what's your role as a parent? You are his biggest fan who always appreciates as you watch him learning.

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