Inspirational Books written by Bo Sanchez

I haven't met yet Mr. Bo in person, nor heard his name before. But since Ronan (my husband) always mentioned his name when we used to converse each other during meal time or even before bed time, I began to know him. Ronan is an avid reader of Bo's blog, so no wonder Bo's name was always mentioned to any of our hot topics (whether financial, relationships, health, spiritual, etcetera).  He once told me that if ever he could attend his Feast,  he would buy some of Bo Sanchez's books. Until one time, a big convention or they called it “Feast” was held here in Davao. Of course, Bo Sanchez is one of the speakers. Finally my husband's wish/es was/were granted. He bought four books which entitled "Don't Worry, Be Happy; How to Build a Happy Family; Stop Hidden Addictions; and Jesus at Home. Then a few months later, Ronan received another book, "Simplify And Live the Good Life",  during Christmas party.

Since then, Mr. Bo's books are among the many books I've been habitually reading during my leisure time. In fact, I had completed reading three books of him – one of which is, How to Build a Happy Family. (It is because I'm! hehe). I could tell that Bo is such an amazing person. I was awed by his brilliance. I also got to know he is one of the highest paid speakers in our country, and an author of 29 bestselling books. Besides being a preacher, he is also a very successful  businessman, a wonderful father and husband, a founder of Anawim, a special home for the abandoned elderly - just to name a few. (If ever Mr. Bo would stumble upon my blog, I hope he will smile from ear to ear for featuring him on my blog)

So what made me delighted of these books? Well, apart from I did enjoy reading his books (because Bo also incorporated comedy on true-to-life's examples), the words used are simple which I'm certain will make us all understand of the messages Bo wants to imply on every book. To make the story short, his books are easy to understand, yet the messages can bring greater impact to one's life.  Frankly, I haven't read books before as mind-enlightening, life-changing, and spirit-uplifting as Bo's.

Do you read regularly? If not, why not? In life, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge and wisdom by reading good books.  If your reading just centered around tweets, Facebook updates, and got nothing, why not include in your daily routine reading inspirational books where it can help you in any aspect of your life - (financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.) I recommend you fill your bookshelves with Bo's books.  

Hey I posted here book's pictures with Chapter Titles, so it will give you ideas what the books are all about. You can buy the books online at

Or this Lenten season, a time for deep reflection,  you can invest your time by reading Bo's blog, 

1. How to Build a Happy Family

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Key 1: Renewal
Key 2: Gratitude
Key 3: Time
Key 4: Service
Key 5: Forgiveness
Key 6:Self-love
Key 7:Celebration

2. Simplify and Live the Good Life - Chapter titles coming soon!

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3. Don't Worry Be Happy

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Secret #1  Happy People Create their Destiny
Secret #2  Happy People Like Themselves a Lot
Secret #3  Happy People Nurture Connections
Secret#4   Happy People Find Delight Everywhere
Secret#5  Happy People Embrace Change
Secret#6  Happy People Embrace Change
Secret#7  Work on Your Life Purpose Daily

4. Stop Hidden Addictions 

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Secret #1 Discover What You Really Need

Secret #2 Focus on Your Ambition, Not on Your Addiction
Secret#3 Love the Sinner and the saint Within
Secret#4 Shape Your Outer World Before It Shapes You
Secret#5 Redefine yourself
Secret#6 Get Rid of Toxic Faith
Secret#7 Take Change

5. Jesus at Home - Chapter titles coming soon!

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Ten Things You Should Know About Chesska

Ok, I ran out of ideas what to write on my blog. But when I pondered upon Chesska's activities all this day - running back and forth tirelessly; cluttering our sala (living room) with toys of any kind ;  watching her favorite music videos;  munching her favorite snack, etcetera, instantly,  I came up with bright ideas (ting!) what to write. Since she's already two and obviously a big girl,  there are a few random things about Chesska that you should know:

1. She is a risk taker. 

I'm unsure if other babies/toddlers do the same. But Chesska is a risk taker. One time, she had tried putting her fingers over the lighted candle despite my previous orientation of "HOT". (It was blackout then, that's why we used candle). She had also tried banging her head (in slow motion) on the concrete wall, finding out how painful it was.  Have her fingers caught in between every time I closed the door. (fortunately I was always in alert mode to stop those from happening )

 Warning. Don't allow your child/ren to do the same.

2. She never smiles to new people. 

I bet. If you are new to her sight, she will never smile at you.  Even if you throw candies and confetti trying to amuse her. She would just sharply stare at you from head to foot until you melt. Promise!

3. She has a good memory. 

At age 2, she can already identify the parts of her body; count and identify numbers from 1-10; almost memorize and identify ABC (but getting there); sing a few lines of a certain song; tell her name and age in complete sentences when being asked;  perform dance steps from famous dance songs (Waka(2x), Kiyomi, Gimmie2x, Loca, etcetera)

4. She is also Kikay (fashionable) - Pictures coming soon! 

Unknown to many that Chesska is also Kikay. Yes definitely she is! She loves tinkering her closet; and picks clothes herself to wear. Any clothes combination will do. Swimsuit with leggings underneath. Sleeping wear with skirt. (fashionably fierce!)

5. She is cranky.

When pressed toys get malfunctioned, she will throw them away. When building blocks toys suddenly collapsed after piling up, she will  freak out.  I can tell that she wants them fixed or arranged without mistakes.

6. She is a breastfeed addict.

I know it looks awkward seeing a toddler, as half of your size, breastfeeding to his/her mom. But not with Chesska. She likes breastfeeding better than formula.  Isn't it healthier seeing a baby breastfeeding than holding a cup of cola?  

7. She is a fruitarian. - One of her favorite food trips is munching with fruits. Banana, apple, papaya, guyabano, mango are among them.

8. She is well-behaved when outside of her territory.

Don't get me wrong. But most kids are very hyperactive and naughty when in certain venues or events (birthday party, public places, malls, etc.) But I'm proud that Chesska is opposite. She will just behave and observe what has happened around her.  But when in house, she's mobile.

9. She cannot sleep without her pillow.

Pillow is her favorite buddy. Anywhere she goes, or before she sleeps, she will bring her pillow along with her. But I promise her to buy a new one, replacing her saggy and old pillow.(lol)

10. She is a Papa's Girl.

I envy my husband. Chesska is much closer to her father than me. As we all know, fathers are "spoilers",  while mothers are "antagonists" (Kontrabida) again.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post ,and I'm pretty sure that some I have listed are your baby's character/s too. I wrote these things so when Chesska is older, she'll read this, and becomes proud or maybe surprised of herself.

Mary Kay Best Skin Care Products Review

Hello Mommies! How are you again? I hope you had an awesome weekend.

Just recently, I talked about the "The Five Essential Steps of Skin Care", (which I suggest you go over this post to provide you a little enlightenment about Skin Care). Before I introduce the Mary Kay products as promised, first, I would like to share with you how I became a Mary Kay Beauty consultant.

Last year, March 2013, I registered as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant through the convincing beauty of this Mary Kay lady whom I accidentally met at PRC, now my Sales Director. By looking at her beauty, you would not hesitate joining the beauty business. To tell you the truth, I joined it's not because I after the profit from selling the products, it's simply because I would like to grab the freebies (Yay!)- foundation, cleanser, lipstick, make-up. That's all. No more, No less!

No wonder Mary Kay is well-known in beauty business for so many years, apart from it's made in USA, the products do deliver quality results. Yes quality results! For example, the TimeWise Liquid Foundation, does not melt or fade easily on your face, especially when you perspire;  It stays longer, so no need to retouch often; You don't  feel heavy and greasy, furthermore, it covers the flaws of your face. (I swear).

Although not everyone can afford because it is extremely pricey at first, but eventually,  you will realize that is it is cheaper.  Best selling anti-aging cleanser such as Timewise 3-in-1 (P1175)- will consume for 9-12 months; Liquid Foundation, 9 months to 1 year.  Mathematically speaking, you will only invest, more or less 150 pesos monthly. Pocket friendly, right?

I think I have to zip my mouth now (hehe), and start revealing what I've been using.  Let's review first what I'd tackled from my old post, which is the five essential steps of skin care - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Freshen, Moisturize, and Protect. And to address the 5 steps, you may want to look the products I have illustrated below.

1. Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser (Available in normal/dry and combination oily)
Price: P1,175
Net Weight: 127g
* It is a 3-in-1 Cleanser means Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Freshen
*It has microbeads that gently exfoliate
*It has botanical that tone the skin
*It speeds up the natural renewal process of the skin for smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin.

2. Timewise Age Fighting Moisturizer (Available in normal/dry and combination oily)
Price: P1,280
Net Weight: 88ml
* It gives 10 hours of hydration
*Accelerates your skin's own natural renewal process for firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin
*It has anti-oxidants that guard against free radicals to help skin look and feel smooth and radiant

3. Timewise Liquid Foundation Matte-Wear. Available in 4 shades. (Ivory 5, Beige 2, Beige 5, and Beige 5)

Price: P785
Net Weight: 29 ml
*It protects the skin from the environment as it evens skin tone and covers flaws for a healthy, glowing, natural look.

4. Mary Kay Sun Protector SPF 35/PA+++
Price: P1250
Net Weight: 59ml
*Protects your face and skin from uneven tone, age spots and other sun damage.

Here's my before(after giving birth - obviously I looked haggard and ugly) and after PHOTOS..

Final Say: 

Beauty starts with a good skin? Agree?  Having a good skin adds confidence. If you are confident, the rest will follow. You feel beautiful. You feel great. You feel awesome. Start investing with your beauty now. Why not try Mary Kay?

Depo Side Effects and Treatment

Last December 16, 2013,   my OB gave me my first DEPO - an injectable contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. I was told that the said contraceptive would wear off for about 3 months, and there would be likely an absence of menstruation.

However, on 1st week of Feb (one and a half month later after DEPO), I was spotting,  but not that heavy like menstruation, so my theory was that maybe it was just part of DEPO SIDE EFFECTS. During the next few days, I was alarmed when spotting continued to persist, and much worse about it I suffered from dysmenorrhea (ugh).   I was dismayed because I believed DEPO should work well as it supposed.

By then, I checked back to my OB and told her of my problem. I got ULTRASOUND, but she had not seen any indications or problems on my ovary. From then on, I made my mind to stop DEPO, because of the thought that I might not just compatible with the contraceptive. So I shifted to PILLS in the hope that my spotting would stop. After taking several pills (I think I took about 15 pills already),  still, my menstrual bleeding was getting heavier and severe. It bothered me so much since  I felt nauseous already and I couldn't concentrate on household tasks, and much more on my online job.  If I would count the days from the start of bleeding, it is almost 1 and 1/2 months.

In the fear that I may suffer anemia due to blood loss, I went back to my OB and asked advice how to stop bleeding. She prescribed me two medicines.

1. Hemostan (Tranexamic Acid- read more about Tranexamic Acid. I was advised to take 2 CAPSULES three times daily. Meaning, I had to take 6 capsules daily for two days. I know that's a lot of medicines but I did not anymore complain. I wanted to get well very soon. First of all, she's my doctor ever since and I had so much respect on her.

2. Sorbifer (anti-anemia).  I had to take two capsules daily for 15 days.

After 2 days of taking Hemostan, bleeding had finally stopped (thankfully). The effect was very quick than I thought. I am now very very careful of what contraceptive I should take. Maybe it just so happen that I am not just compatible with DEPO..

Disclaimer: The information shared on this site is based on my personal experience. My health condition differs from yours, therefore,  it should not be considered  as medical advice. Always consult a licensed doctor if you have questions or concerns related to your specific health condition. 

Five Essential Steps of Skin Care

During my pregnancy period , I'd suffered from unwanted skin issues - darkening of forehead, armpit, neck, and much worse in my abdomen, which almost all pregnant women will go through due to hormonal changes. However, right after giving birth, skin discoloration did not completely disappear. Some warts are becoming more obvious. So I tried using different kinds of product on my skin, but seemed ineffective. Until I met someone, who used to be a Mary Beauty Consultant, invited me to join to their free facial session located at Philam Bldg., Ground Floor,  along Rizal St. Without a doubt, I accepted the invitation since I wanted to know what skin care products would fit my skin type. My main concern only is that I wanted my blemishes on my face will be, at least,  minimized. I didn't concern much on my stretch marks, anyway,  I could hide them..hehe

While at the facial session, the Beauty Consultant Director, explained first the basics of skin care,  before introducing the Mary Kay products. She stressed  that there are 5 essential steps in caring a skin.

1. Cleanse twice daily. Whether you like it or not, each day,  you have been exposed to dirt, dusts, pollutants, and other impurities,  so you need to cleanse your skin. It is recommended to cleanse your skin before going to bed. Don't sleep with your make-up still on.

2. Exfoliate two to three times a week. There are dead cells that build up in our skin which simple cleansing cannot remove. So using exfoliating products can eliminate dead cells that block the pores and dull the skin.

3. Freshen - Have you ever noticed that some parts of your face are darker, and some parts are brighter? Some parts in your forehead are oily,  and some parts are dry? Your skin tone is not even. Well, most cleansing and exfoliating products can help even out your skin tone.

4. Moisturize once to twice daily. I have just learned that lack of moisture can cause wrinkles. Oily skin is less likely prone to wrinkles since it produces plenty of moisture, while dry skin is vulnerable to wrinkles for it lacks moisture. So it is recommended for dry skin person to lavish moisturizer to add more glow to the skin.

5. Protect as needed- protect the skin from sun and environmental stressors through the use of foundation and sunblock. Foundation can prevent dirt from entering your pores that cause pimples,  while sunblock can protect skin from UV rays that cause sunburn and other skin issues.

"Aha" Moments...

After the facial session, I came to realize that my beauty routines were incorrect. Mary Kay has given me the right direction what steps I should take to improve my skin. On my recent post, I reveal what Mary Kay products I've been using.

Final Words...

None of us wants to look old and wrinkled? Right? Pampering your skin is like pampering your baby.  It needs extra care and attention in order to have great and baby-looking skin.

I hope this post helps you, and don't forget to like my Facebook page. Thanks a lot!

Journey to Financial Freedom

It is undeniable that majority of us struggle in handling finances.  What we are not aware of is that we  lack discipline, and lack of know-how on managing money. We spent our money extravagantly like a one-day-millionaire. And at the end of the day, we kept wondering where our money had gone to. Well, I'm not exempted to this situation. During my 20s, when I started earning,  I've been a slightly compulsive buyer.  I couldn't help but buy the things I wanted - it could be clothes,  sandals, or other useless stuff. My friends thought I was stingy, but  I was not.  I realized I had a tiny amount in my bank account after I resigned from work. I should have then a 6-figure savings. Wink! Wink!

I remembered, when a close friend of mine shared this equation:  Salary - Savings = Expenses. Simple equation yet has great impact on my life. What does this equation mean?  It means that the moment you receive your salary, you set aside right away your savings. The amount left will go to whatever your expenses. This has started to "shift  my paradigm" on financial management. Before, what had been instilled in my mind was that I was not capable of saving money because my salary was small; my resources was limited. But now, I have changed. I am now becoming more financial literate.

What I am talking right now is all about financial freedom.  What is financial freedom?  For me, financial freedom means debt-free, worry-free related to money concerns, and I can do whatever I want without being limited by money resources.

Ronan who is my husband,  and I,  are now working very hard to attain financial freedom. Here are our true-to-life story tips:

1.      We set Financial Goals. We create specific goals to attain.

Ex.  At the end of 5-10 years, we will be able to:

*Fully pay our house
*Establish enough emergency funds
*Acquire more insurance plans – health, death, memorial, etc.
*Save more money in the bank
*Renovate our house
*Invest in the stock market

2.      We keep our outdated phones

We can’t deny the fact that  phone nowadays is a very essential gadget as means of communication to our loved ones, friends, business partners, among others. But keeping upgrading your gadget  from iPhone 2 to iPhone 3, or availing monthly postpaid plans for no reason,  is not financial wise.  Don’t try to impress others.

3.    No to “Credit Cards”

For us, it’s a very wrong idea to avail “Credit Cards”.  Bringing  credit cards along with you when you go grocery-shopping could tempt you to pick up anything and right away swipe credit card for unplanned purchase. 

4.      We live below our means.

We see to it that we don't spend beyond our income. For instance, if we earn 300 pesos per day, we don't spend more than that. 

5.     Budget! Budget! Budget!

When going to grocery, I've always brought a shopping list along with me to avoid picking up anything. We used to buy groceries in bulk for it is much cheaper than buying piece by piece.  If we have to run errands, we will do everything at once - pay the bills, grocery, stroll with the family, etc. This way we can save gas and money. 

6.      We earn extra money.

If there are opportunities like side jobs, then we grab them right away. 

 7. We invest, invest, and invest.

We plan our retirement. We invest money in the stock market aside from what we used to have like SSS, Pag-Ibig, Insurance, etc.  We should keep in mind that we are not strong and healthy for a lifetime. Our body depreciates too like cellphone and car. So it is just right to invest for our future. 

Why should you pay the principal amount slowly in your PAG-IBIG housing loan?

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I have many things in mind to write, and one of those is about financial tips. But due to my hectic schedule, I couldn't write and post in a regular basis - sigh! Anyway...

To start,  In 2010, I availed a housing loan thru PAG-IBIG,  payable for 30 years for 5, 620 monthly. The principal amount is only 750, 000.  It means if you have that certain amount on hand, you could fully pay PAG-IBIG on the spot without waiting for 30 years.

One time, when I computed my monthly amortization, multiplied by 12 months, then multiplied by 30 years, my house would reach  2-million-something. My eyes bulged out a bit. What a!!! Imagine the huge difference?? 750, 000 and 2 million??

Imagine, I've been paying P5,620 as monthly amortization for almost 4 years,  and as I observed it will deduct 500 plus pesos only monthly from our principal amount. Question? Where did the 5000 pesos go?  Believe it or not, it went to interest only and fire insurance. It seems like I'm just paying the interest forever. And for four (4) years of paying,  750, 000 was reduced to 723, 000 only. tsk..tsk..tsk..

A few days after a deep thought, I went to PAG-IBIG office - Davao branch, to personally talk to one of their staff to seek advice how to lower my loan interest rate. She then advised me to pay the principal amount little by little so the interest would be lowered, and the number of years will be reduced too .  As a Math teacher, and out of curiosity, I asked her how do they compute that thing. She just said hurriedly - since there's another person next in line to be entertained by her,  "Just keep paying the principal amount so it will reduce the Diminish Interest Rate. Her explanation left me hanging.

Since my husband and I have savings in the bank, we then decided to pay 275k to the principal amount. Outstanding balance went down to 447,000.  One month after paying, we waited for the statement of account to be delivered to our home to see how much has reduced to our outstanding balance.  What had been reflected in the SOA was another 2,400 plus was deducted to our OB. Month by month, I noticed that the deduction was consistent as reflected again in the SOA.

Final Thought

In my opinion, paying the principal amount slowly is advantageous. Aside from I can save money in the long run,  I can also fully pay the house fast without waiting for 30 years of agony.  Eventually,  I can say I have a house of my own where my family can live freely and securely without worrying debts and obligations.

Chesska's 2nd Birthday held at KFC

Finally, Chesska's 2nd Birthday was successfully celebrated last January 14, Tuesday,  at KFC along Quirino Avenue here in Davao. I can't believe she's already two. Time flies so fast, right? By the way, Ronan and I chose KFC as a party venue for our dearest daughter, for a change. And speaking of a party venue, I knew, most guests especially the kids have been anticipating either Jollibee or McDonalds, but then,  we decided to go for KFC to give a little surprise and excitement to the kids.

But you know what? Chesska had been so quiet and was not even smiling throughout the birthday party as if she didn't care - well she's just too young to understand what's happening around her. But she looked great with her Anglelina ballerina attire but then she wore a frowny face. tsk... tsk...

Nevertheless, the party ended up smooth, and brought much more excitement to the kids! KFC did not disappoint us. The party started at exactly 6:00 PM hosted by KFC's staff and here's the flow of the program with a little tweak as suggested by me.

*Opening Prayer
*2 Games
*2 Games
*Mascot Appearance
* Candle Blowing
*Giving away of Loot Bags

Their total package costs 4, 500 including party decor, themed loot bags, party hosting, invitation cards, party hats, cake, venue, themed prizes, cake and mascot appearance (foods are not included). click here for more details

Loot Bags for Girls- Lunch Box with Giant Puzzle

Loot Bags for Boys- Lunch Box with Giant Puzzle


Angelina Ballerina themed cake was not available so it turned out to be Chuckie Design. (chucks na!)

Mascot Appearance 

It brought much more surprises to the kids. They danced, giggled, and took pictures with Chuckie.


From their menu packages, I ordered 30 pieces "Adult Meal Package" for 150 pesos each", consisting of:

*1-pc Chicken w/ Rice
*Mushroom Soup
*Reg. Drink

For kids I ordered spaghetti + funshots for 105 pesos. I just brought an ice cream since you are allowed to bring provided that you sign on their waiver.


I've spent less than 12, 000 pesos for 32 adults and 18 kids. A bit pricey but it's worth it!

Final thought:

If you want something new; surprise your guests with nice prizes, loot bags, and Mascot; then KFC is fantastic and great venue for any occasion that suits to your budget.Two thumbs up for KFC..

Baby's First Vocabulary Words

Baby's First Words
At early months, Chesska  knew only mama, papa, tete, baby - just to name some, but as days, weeks, and years passed,  she learned already lots of words, which I am proud of.  How fulfilling, right?  Like all babies/toddlers, Chesska's means of communication starts first from cooing, crying,  making noise, or even whining. But when she reaches 6 months old and onwards, she begins uttering a handful of words.  I can tell that lots of factors can make a baby to begin utter words. What she hears and sees around can stimulate her brain to talk - music, toys, sounds, or even conversations.

As tips for moms,  this is how I encourage my baby to talk. I would always name the objects anything she held or pointed to. For instance, when she wanted to drink her milk, I would point the bottle first before I handed it to her and would associate with a question, "Want to drink your milk?".   Or sometimes, I would make a command like, "Get your Dora inside the cabinet.", or "Please pick up your toys".This way, she can easily understand what I am trying to tell her, and vice-versa.

Enfagrow A+ Review

Enfagrow A+ review
My baby was breastfed since birth supplemented with formula.  My baby is now 2 years old, but still,  she is continually breastfed thrice a day (morning before she naps , afternoon, and before bedtime.) In addition to breastfeeding and formula feeding,  she also takes solid foods three times a day like what adults do.  Before I switched to Enfagrow A+, my baby was given first a different formula, however,  I found out that it did not dissolve well in cool water,  and some particles settled at the bottom,  which made me worry if my baby was getting enough nutrients from it. Since then, I change to  Enfagrow A+.

Like all formulas, Enfagrow has also pros and cons.  Based on my observation,  these are my pros and cons for this milk (detailed below).

*  It has higher DHA content for rapid brain development.
*  Plenty of nutrients including Zinc, Iron, Prebiotics, Vit. A, and Vit. C 
*  It has very fine textures which is easy to dissolve even in cool water.
*  My baby can defecate well.
*  Her growth is normal (not overweight, not too skinny)
*  She is not sickly.
*  She has good skin and shiny hair.

* Pricey
* Packaging for 1.2 kgs and higher is in carton. I prefer can containers.

If you have additional review, feel free to leave your comments on the comment form below. 

Disclaimer: I don't endorse this product nor receive cash to advertise this product. The information is just pure opinion based on my experience. 

Foods to Help Relieve Baby Constipation

Hello mommies! Hope you're doing great.

This week, I notice Chesska is not pooping regularly - means she moves her bowel every two days, which I find unhealthy. One time, I caught her in one corner, holding at the sofa,  and straining so hard with her sweat dripping all over her face. I found out then that she wanted to poop but she couldn't. I peeped her diaper and saw her stool. It looked hard, unable to move from her anus. By then, she kept crying - maybe her anus got sore.I pity her so much because I knew how it felt when constipated.

So before anything got worse, I right away did interventions on how to relieve her constipation. 

Mini Vacation at Eden Garden and Nature Park Resort

Hello Mommies, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'd like to share with you our weekend getaway at Eden Garden Resort here in Davao city.  The reason? My husband and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, so we thought of something cozy and mesmerizing place to spend our time together -as in exclusively just for us.

Eden Resort is one of the must-see destinations here in Davao, and just in case you will be blown away here for whatever reason, don't miss the opportunity visiting this place.  I have written the details in my other blog, so I invite you to click here for more story.

Bacillus Clausii - Erceflora

Oh Boy! My baby was pooping unusually, about 3-4 times for this day alone. It made me worry because she'd been diagnosed with Amoebiasis a few months ago which all started with a frequent diarrhea that persisted up to 7 days.  I remembered what my Pedia said  that when a baby had already a history of Amoebiasis, chances are,  this disease would come back.

2nd Birthday Plan - KFC or McDonalds?

How time flies! Seems just like yesterday that Chesska was a baby, and soon in January she will be turning two.  Chesska's first birthday was just held at our home, and from our experience it was so tiring. So my husband and I have decided to look for another venue. Weeks ago, I got a chance going to downtown , and  I was able to drop by on two popular food chains here in Davao namely KFC which is situated along Quirino and Mc Donalds in Matina nearby MTS,   so I would be able to know the details about their birthday party packages. I also asked flyers from both of them, and I would like to share these with you.

KFC Birthday Packages:

What does "Nam-Nam" mean for babies?

Chesska would mumble "Nam-Nam" when got  hungry or even thirsty.  Can you relate? Or maybe, your baby has another way of saying it (whatever...),  but generally most babies would say "Nam-Nam", when hunger struck them.  Now you know that for some babies, "Nam-nam" is pertaining to "tsibog"- eat or nibble, so you must get ready to hand her foods.