Delaying Short-Term Gratifications for a Long-Term Reward

This is my cellphone, Firefly Mobile. I bought this two years ago for Php 900 only.

And this is husband's phone, too, Nokia. He bought it 3 years ago for Php 2,000 only.

If you've noticed, they're outdated phones, yet still both functional, serving to our BASIC NEEDS. I reiterate BASIC - Text and Call.

If you are wondering why we didn't upgrade to the latest and hippest phone (though husband and I earned more than enough), my answer is plain and simple, "It can wait until we achieve our ULTIMATE GOAL", which I will reveal later.

Though there were times we had been ridiculed as being Kuripot (stingy),well, it's ALRIGHT because we believe we're just doing right, with our HARD-EARNED money.

I may sound braggy, but we could afford Android phone or tablet with CASH, not CREDIT CARD, (which you may have heard a hundred times that we didn't avail). But as I said it can wait until we achieve our ULTIMATE GOAL.

No offense meant, but I always notice some people keep upgrading gadgets just to satisfy their "wants" in the present, or maybe just to impress others, or to level with their peers. Your personal motive I don't care but just ensure to  know your Wants from Needs.

Upgrading is not only true with gadgets, also true  with other "Lifestyles" that may have harmed your SAVINGS,  intended for the future.

I must admit there were a lot of times I had been drooling of these stuff.

And these - House Decorations

But I am up to "Drool" only. These stuff can wait, and I either.

Gadgets I can ignore, but this girly-girly thing is something hard to resist. The more I see them, the more they become irresistible. Every time we went to mall for groceries, I was tempted to stop by at dress shops or shoes stalls, but there's something nagging at the back of my mind, reminding me "IMPORTANT GOAL FIRST".

What I am implying is all about delaying short-term gratifications.

The main reason why we delay our short-term gratifications by not buying updated cellphones for example, is because we have to hit our target - fully pay our housing loan in five years time. Let me share you a brief story.

Last 2010, we availed a 120-square-meter house via PAGIBIG housing loan program, payable for 30 years for 5,620 pesos monthly.

What concerned me was in that length of time, many unpredictable events could possibly happen. What if my husband would lost his job since home-based job is unpredictable too. Or we may get broke due to any unexpected circumstances.

This concern had led us to think of ways how to shorten our payment terms. Instead of 30 years, we paid the principal amount (original price of the house) slowly, aside from monthly amortization, to lower the interest and number of years.

And finally, just last week, we already hit our target. After five years of belt-tightening and delayed-gratifications, it yields a fruitful result. A REWARD FOR A LIFETIME.

Since we completely settled our debt in PAG-IBIG,  I could already upgrade my old and cranky phone. (of course husband too, wink...) Yay!

And before I close this topic, I'd like to share this enlightening verse to help us attain our dreams.


If you want to know our secret how we handle our money? Please read this post.

Thanks for reading!

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Can't believe "I am already 3 years old plus.."

Sounds like a joke but that is not literally my age. I mean I am already 3 years old plus in the virtual world, working as a Virtual Assistant (but my employer insists I am a Webmaster), which is obviously unrelated to my finished course, TEACHING.  I didn't rejoice mainly because I've gone this far, I rejoiced because I survived for over three years working outside my comfort zone.

I still remembered the exact date, July 27, 2011, the day I was hired as a webmaster (kuno! hehe). Ma'am Cathy from Texas (my employer now) who first spotted my resume at, emailed me that she was looking for someone who could work for her as a content writer. I might be a good candidate for the position since she found my personal blog (my old blog impressive, she added.

"My writing? impressive? really?,  a series of questions I muttered as my initial reaction to her email. To be honest, I am still struggling yet striving to be a good one. Technically,  I still lack of know-how on how to be an effective and persuasive writer, even sometimes I find my grammar erroneous.

And so I emailed back and confessed, "I am not a competent writer,  but I could help you manage your online-business websites since I had been doing some projects in the past using WordPress" (me oozing with guts). After exchanging of multiple emails and chats, and agreeing of the salary and work hours, she finally hired me as a Webmaster.

For three years and 3 months to be exact,  I continue working cheerfully and comfortably in our home with flexible hours for as long as I meet five hours a day, which gave me the freedom to raise my little girl by myself. I praised God for giving me this rarest opportunity, and by His grace I strive to live the fruits of the spirit towards my career ( Galatians 5:22-23 ).

- to become a FAITHFUL employee;

- to show more PATIENCE towards my job - whether easy or complex; whether relax or tedious; (I know I have to work more on this.)

- to accept with a JOYFUL HEART no matter what job brings - whether there is a salary increase or not; whether there is an urgent task that needs to be done beyond my work hours.

- to practice SELF-CONTROL by not surfing the net unrelated to work such as Facebooking, etc; (I have been training myself to do away from Facebook during work hours (unless Ma'am Cathy would tell me "Today is a quiet and easy day; Take the rest of the day off; ") but I have to spank more my butt to discipline myself. hehe..)

- to maintain my GENTLENESS, KINDNESS, and LOVE towards my employer by respecting her suggestions and opinions during our work-collaboration; by using gentle and encouraging words during our chats and emails online.

- Lastly, if I'll  constantly practice all of the fruits of spirit above, I would get a fruit salad of PEACE  - peace of mind and a peaceful life, as tranquil as a lake.


Potty Training Chesska: The Trouble, Success and Other Stories

I often experienced mothers of older kids telling me that they potty-trained their kids as young as possible because they wanted to cut down their monthly expenses from buying diapers.

I love the thought either - to cut down the expenses - because as a stingy mom, I also want to save extra pesos.

Well, who doesn't want?

Apart from saving pesos , Chesska is getting older already,  and it looks odd seeing her grow, still wearing a diaper - seems as her permanent undies already.

So here are my true-to-life stories on how I got Chesska to graduate from diapering at day time. (Night time will be sooner. hehe)

1. The "No, No" stage.

I bought the potty long before Chesska turned 2 years old. And she was just potty-trained a month ago (she turned 2 years and 7 months then). In the first four months (but not on a daily basis) right after I bought the potty, Chesska refused to use the potty despite everything I've done. The moment I accompanied her to go near the potty, she would cry "No, No". I sat on the potty myself with the best facial expression I could show as if I were peeing and pooping.  I put Teddy Bear, Mickey Mouse, and other stuff toys, too,  just to convince her to go near the potty and sit there if she's about to pee and poop. But nothing worked!

Later I realized I might have caused her stress because there were times she would cry if I insisted her to go near the potty.

If she could only speak, she would probably say this.

Don't expect me to use the potty in an instant way, ok?

2.  Getting to know "Ms. Potty", first.

After persuading-Chesska period, still, she didn't give up to refuse.  Like any other toddlers, Chesska is a kind of tot whom you cannot force if she really doesn't want to. So as to end the war between us,  I became lenient of the training for a few months. I came to realize Chesska is not a military, she's still a toddler after all.

So she was happily playing with the potty as if it were her toy. She would use it as a chair, or she would detach some parts,  or she would use it as a ladder when she wanted to pull up books from the shelf. But I never failed to remind her that the potty is used for pooping and peeing.

Until she saw pictures of potty and toilet bowl in one of her books, I seized the chance story-telling her, "it is a small potty where Chesska poops and pees , and here is the big potty (pointing to toilet bowl) where mama and papa poops".  So every morning, I let her see again the pictures and I kept saying those over and over until it would inject in her mind the use of potty.

3.  Wear undies at day time.

Chesska already dislikes "DIRT". For example, she whines hysterically if she gets dirty or wet,  or when she accidentally spills choco-drink to her clothes. The same is true by letting her wear undies instead of a diaper for a week or so, during day time so she would know how it feels when wet or soiled from urine and  poops respectively. Though I had to sacrifice a bit from washing the stinky undies.

4. I should have waited until she could follow simple instructions.

The main reason why I couldn't get her use the potty was simply because she couldn't yet follow instructions. She could even hardly utter words as well (Chesska was 2 years old then to be exact) by the time I began potty-training her.

However by the time she was able to follow instructions, like when husband and I would ask "Chesska, pick up your toys ", "let's take a bath",  "go to sleep",  "drink your milk", it seems like other things like "potty training" in particular, happened fast as much as the other routine she did.

5. Potty-training: The success

Potty training successfully happens right after she can follow simple instructions.  In fairness to her, in just 2-3 weeks of serious potty-training, (well I won't consider the previous months serious due to misunderstanding between Chesska and I. hehe ), I already got Chesska to sit on the potty.

In fact, I am very pleased to hear her say "Ma, weewee (pee), or popoo (poop),   or she could even manage to hold her pee (while holding hers) and run into the potty and sit herself. Though, there was a single instance where she accidentally withdrew a little poop on her undies (hehe) before she was able to sit on the potty. But since we are still in a "practice period", that's still acceptable, anyway. It has been said "Constant Practice Makes Perfect".

At the end of potty-training, and as a teacher and a mom myself, I've learned two things:


 And second:

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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If you're not content with what you have, you won't be content with what you want.

I have been a subscriber of Weekly Wisdom for months. Each week it sends me spiritual notes via email. As a busy mom, juggling my career with raising my child, I didn't have much time to read the Bible, and I felt guilty about this. Also, as a Christ believer, it's my spiritual obligation to know Him deeper and to demonstrate His words into action.

I am pleased to know that God sends to reach out to people online including myself about their spiritual mission. I can vouch everything you'll read is enlightening.

Regardless of your faith or religion, everyone is welcome to subscribe to receive Christ weekly notes. If you have spent most of your time facebooking and tweeting, God only asks you minutes to get to know Him deeply.

So among the Weekly Wisdoms I have read,  this "Weekly Note" hits me the most, and I'm sure you too.


It's not our circumstances that steal our joy; it's our attitude during our circumstances.It is easy to think "If I could just get a new car, a bigger house, a better job, or more money, then I'll be happy." We tend to view happiness as a commodity attainable by wealth. However, as the old saying goes, "money cannot buy happiness."

Indeed, no amount of money or things will ever give you lasting joy or contentment; that's because joy and contentment are not based on circumstances. Therefore, if you're not content with what you have, you won't be content with what you want.

Although at first it may seem difficult, it is very possible to be content even during harsh circumstances. Paul said, in Philippians 4:11-12, "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

In those two verses, Paul is saying that he could be content—that is, have joy—regardless of his circumstances. Joy should not be dependent on circumstances; it should be present regardless of them.

When Paul said that he could be content "in any and every situation," he truly meant everything—even the tough times of testing. In 2 Corinthians 11:24-27, he lists some of the tough times that he has endured: "Five times I received from the Jews the forty lashes minus one. Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea, I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from my own countrymen, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false brothers. I have labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep; I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; I have been cold and naked."

Even in all these things, Paul had "learned to be content." Clearly, it's not our circumstances that steal our joy. You, too, can learn "to be content whatever the circumstances."Stop thinking that you will have joy after you buy a new house, after you get married, after you buy a better car, after your in-laws treat you right. Don't put off joy until after everything goes your way; decide to have joy now! For you can have joy whatever the circumstances!


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DOH offers free immunization against Measles-Rubella and Polio for children below 5

Hello Mommies and Daddies! How are you?

You might already have heard about the free immunization against measles-rubella and polio, which is being repeatedly aired on TV. It is a month-long immunization campaign which is called "Ligtas sa Tigdas", starting September 1 through September 30, initiated by Department of Health (DOH), urging all parents to bring their children, below five years old, to the health center near their Barangay.

The free vaccination aims to protect the children from these life-threatening and infectious diseases particularly Measles-Rubella since there are multiple cases of measles have been monitored just this year, which many children have died.

In addition to Measles vaccine, oral polio will be also given despite attaining a polio-free status in our country.

Since Measles-Rubella has continued to be a threat to our children, I brought Chesska to the health center near us yesterday, September 3. The health worker was accommodating and complimented that Chesska was so brave because she did not cry after the injection. They put indelible ink on her finger, as a sign that she has been vaccinated.

Just cast my vote for a measles-and-polio-free country. hehe

For more info, please visit the DOH website.

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Dear Chesska,

Wasn't it just yesterday when you were born?

Time flies so quickly......

And I can't believe you are already two and seven months old. 

A baby is now a little lady.  

You know what?

You are half of my size, still, you are breastfeeding.

You can't sleep without me nursing you.

You were potty-trained two weeks ago before you reach this age. Finally!

You are quite different now than you were little.

Because you have grown a lot.




And Socially. 

Do you know that I often buy a pair of shoes because your feet are growing incredibly fast? " You inherit that big feet from me.

I thought you were "mestiza" because you were born white.  But as you grow older, you gradually turn out "morena", unfortunately you inherit that again from me. "

I notice you are a keen observer.

Like you have discovered letter "W" in the feet of your dressed-chicken toy. (sounds silly, right?)

Like you suddenly yell "rekikang" (rectangle), pointing to the ceiling of the church during the mass we had attended. Seriously, I didn't see it but your father did. (You are really a father-and-daughter tandem.)

Whenever we teach you something new, you can grasp things easily.

Like you can recognize almost all colors (despite the fact that your father is a color blind,  as I was worried he would pass this trait to you). You can already identify yellow, red, violet, pink, brown, black, orange, green , blue, and white.

You know your shapes wholeheartedly. But you sound hilarious when you say "rekikang", which means rectangle, and "chikikang" for triangle. You can also sort out shapes.

You get tired of hearing the ABC song over and over again because you already master the ALPHABET before you reach this age. You can sing it as well. But you happen to interchange TVU, instead of TUV..

You can count numbers from 1-20, and will attempt to count up to 30. What makes you funny is you only count the last digit of a two-digit number, and say "thirty" at the end. Same in 90 up to 100.

Just this week, you start counting using objects or animals in the chart.

You begin to argue with us. There's no way we can say blue if you already say white. Or mouse if you say lizard.

One time, when I was seriously reading a book, you suddenly popped up and grabbed it from me, making believe you could also read.

Because of that, we bought lots of books so you could make reading a habit someday.

Since the books arrive, you begin pulling up books from the shelf. You love browsing the pages, and name the objects you know.

I guess you can already name more or less 500 things in this book.

In fact,  you can already crack jokes. There's an instance that you see a page with a sexy woman, you say "MAMA" aloud and confidently. (mama was flattered...)

As you continue flipping the other page, you see a man of forty but hunky, and say "PAPA".(papa was bothered..joke)

I know that's only an innocent reaction of yours, but your innocence brings inner joy and laughter.

You are fussy until now which is hard to deal with, sometimes intolerable.

Sometimes I get irritated but your father doesn't at all.

That's how patient he is.

Only your father can tolerate your crankiness.

He carried you on his shoulder to soothe you up despite your weight, 12 kilograms (knowing your father is thin).

You're definitely a Papa's girl.

A semi-spoiled girl.

You begin talking to us in English because your Papa and I communicate to you in English at home, even though we're not good English communicators, at least we try. lol

You have been to various vacations already. And we are eyeing for more, more, and more vacations including abroad someday.

You start loving the presence of your friends of your age from the neighborhood (knowing that you are moody).

You smile and laugh with them. Run with them. Play with them.

You are sometimes a drama actress.

You will say "hurt, hurt, hurt", then pointing to any part of your body just to get our attention.

You will cry without your tears falling.

Like most toddlers, you are buggy and mobile.

Jumping at my back while I am resting.

Pulling my hair.

Messing up the house.

Pulling the curtains.


In spite of that, we are completely in love with you.

We love you more than we love ourselves.

Because you grow in my belly for nine months.

Every tiny tissue and cell you own is also part of me.

We are inseparable.

I wish when you are older, you will appreciate the things I write here.

And you will be proud of US.

Or even PROUDER. 

As your PARENTS.


Mama and Papa

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My Life as a Work-at-Home Mom, Bow!

I managed to juggle two jobs: a full-time webmaster and being a mother,  just like the picture you see below. 

photo credit:

To tell you honestly, it's difficult to keep two jobs smoothly to maintain sanity. (It rhymes, hehe..)

But before I elaborate how I have been able "killing two birds with one stone", first, let me tell you a short story on how I became a webmaster.

My first job way back then was a grade school teacher for five years.  Later, I did realize it sucked most of my time like making daily lesson plan, checking a bunch of papers, preparing visual aids, attending to students and parent's needs, which I found stressful. So I decided to quit.

A few weeks after I resigned from work, I felt boredom had attacked me.  I used to be a workaholic gal,  so I thought of doing something to keep myself productive while at home. So I asked my husband to teach me how to create a website since he is a computer programmer. Not only a programmer, but an expert programmer.

You know what? My firsthand experience of learning the basics such as CSS and HTML overwhelmed me. It was pretty tough! It was brain-wracking, indeed!

Well, what can you expect from a zero-knowledge and no-earth teacher like me? lol

True, it wasn't connected with teaching skills, but I was so determined to learn.

I was motivated then.

I was very persistent.

And passionate.

And I began to like it,  more than teaching.

For three months of self-study, I soon found a work-at-home job.

Plus I got pregnant.

I was so ecstatic then, head over heels!

"Working at home was the best gift I'd ever received", I said.

No make-up - No ID - No uniform required!

Only fast internet plus skills.

A few months later, I gave birth to my dearest one.

She was everything to us.

So I worked harder.

But I knew it would affect my work hours. I was ready for that!

"The show must go on!", as I pondered upon.

I worked full-time, juggling my career with raising my child.

So every morning,  I had to wake up early no matter how sleepy I was.

Or tired.

Or dizzy.

I tried myself to get up to get household chores done before my virtual work at 9:30 a.m.  As much as my husband liked to help,  he used to work at 8:00 A.M. which meant he could spend less time. That was acceptable, anyway!

So before I sit to my computer chair to attend to my online job, I made sure everything was tidy.

I thought mothering was the easiest job every woman could do.

But the truth was lots of responsibilities ahead of you.

The only job without pay.

No bonus. 

Neither vacation leave. 

Nor 13th month pay.

What you'll receive is only pure LOVE. 

***Go back to my story.***

I repeat, before I sit to my computer chair I had to:

Get the bottles washed and sterilized;

Cook foods, sometimes; (But most of the time it's my mom who usually cooks)

Prepare the meals;

Pick up the clutters or toys;

Fix the bed;

Sweep the dirt away on the floor;

Wash the dishes;

Wash the clothes myself, occasionally;  (But usually It's my home-buddy mom again. Thanks to mama.)

It's because I had no longer strength and energy to wash our clothes on a daily basis. We are four in the family, so that's a lot of clothes. So generally, I did the washing on weekend.

After the household chores, I had to pay close attention to Chesska's needs.

I was the one who bathed her.

And fed her.

And dressed her up.

And entertained her.

And homeschooled her;

And cleaned her up when she pooped or peed.

Every time Chesska threw tantrums, I had to soothe her until she calmed down;

Or bribed her with candy;

Or attempted to hoax coax her;

Or sometimes scared her like "there's a snake going to bite you"; (which I thought correct, but eventually I came to realize it was totally wrong. )

Sometimes any of those strategies applied never worked!

At all.

Yes it was exhausting!

Sometimes exasperating!

Deep inside me, I thought of yelling.

But by just seeing a beaming smile from Chesska, every stress wiped away.  

It didn't occur to me to trade this job (work-at-home mom) with something else.

It's because it gave me the freedom to raise my child.

And helped my husband to make money, too.

And gave me ample time taking care of my child and husband.

And so do I!

This is what working-at-home mom is all about!

I feel great.

I feel awesome.

I feel happy.

Why not you also try?

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Nido Junior Review

Disclaimer: I'm not compensated for this review. 

I am breastfeeding Chesska for 2 years and 7 months already. We both love it, still!  Sometimes I plan to wean her, but sometimes I don't. For as long as she still likes it, mama approves...hehe

As much as I want to exclusively breastfeed her, my work and time forbid. So the need of mixed-feeding comes in.

Chesska is an "Engagrow-A+"  kid since one year old. But occasionally, I shift her milk to Nido Junior as a temporary replacement of the former.  If you are also a mother, you would start agreeing with me that "temporary-shift" is sometimes needed especially during belt-tightening. However, husband and I decided not to change her original milk until she reaches three years old.

And so I tried tasting the milk myself, it is slightly sweeter than Enfagrow A+. But my girl didn't notice the taste after consuming 3 cans of milk already at different month intervals.

The fact that Chesska is happily breastfeeding up to now, maybe she cared less of the taste of the formula milk. What she likes better is the original mama's milk plus cuddle and kiss. hehe

Given the price that most moms can afford,  it has also nutrients need not to be underestimated. As a picky-gal like Chesska, of course, who else? I have particularly looked for a milk which has the following nutrients:

DHA for brain development;

Prebiotics for healthy digestion; to prevent diarrhea; ease bowel movement, etc;

Vitamin C and Zinc to boost immune system;

Vitamin A  to promote good eyesight and healthy skin;

and a lot more.

I feel at ease when I came to know Nido is enriched with those nutrients I mentioned.

After taking Nido for several times already, I noticed she could poop regularly, knowing that she sometimes gets constipated. I would probably attribute this on Prebiotic content present in the milk. Other than that, I don't see any obvious effect which is also hard to determine since Chesska was not fed on it regularly.

Feeding recommendations:

Add seven (7) scoops of milk to 200ml previously boiled water. Drink two to three glasses everyday.

Note: Breastmilk is the best for babies up to years of age and beyond.

Weekend Getaway at Davao Crocodile Park

I have a confession to make. It has been more than 7 years since the last time I visited crocodile park. It was during our school's field trip with my grade-3 students; they are all now grown college students, I assumed.

I'm not kidding, the place itself  is just  30-minute away from where we live, but I was unable to revisit the said place for the longest time. I felt like I was already a stranger in my own hometown. (lots of intermissions, ha!)  As much as I would want to get back there, the crazy schedules and busy work didn't allow me.  And so my husband!

Until we noticed lately, our little girl, Chesska, was quite amused seeing animals with her picture-books, and began to excite when she happened to see animals in TV. Recently,  we brought her to Crocodile Park so she could see real animals in action. For a 2-year-old toddler, it is surely exciting!

Before I get the ball rolling, here's first the entrance fee:

Adult ........................................... 200 pesos
Kids (2-12 years old) .....................100 pesos
3:00 p.m.  and up
Adult.............................................250 pesos
Kids (2-12 years old)......................100 pesos
Warning: Pictures Overload Ahead...

Near the main entrance..

Crocodile Park is not mainly raising crocodiles. There are other exotic animals to see, too,  like iguana, reptiles, bats, monkeys, bear cats, raptors, and many more..

Dear deer, how are you there?  Rhyme, dba? haha
Chesska's first encounter with other species makes her speechless. She is somewhat overwhelmed!



One-of-a-kind pig: The Philippine Warty Pig
Featuring my friends, crocodile.(lol). If one of them could escape from their pen, I didn't know where in the city we could find our legs..(exagg lng..) Yon kung buhay pa!
A dozen of crocodiles lying at their pen.

Emerging heads of crocs. I was wondering whether they are sleeping or secretly staring at me..

Another type of bird..

Philippine Bats

Lovey-dovey husband with our daughter Chesska..
The biggest bird in the planet, Ostrich..

I was unaware that I was talikod-genic..whoaah!

One of the crocodile park's highlights is the presence of the Siberian tigers. As compared to my last visit, there were no tigers yet. Seeing them in actual amazed me since I haven't yet seen a tiger in my entire life. There are actually four tigers around namely Sultan, Shiva, Datu and Eve.

One needs to pay additional 30 pesos in order to enter the tiger's den for a closer look.

Pardon the poops. We didn't intend to include  them during the picture-taking...

Beginning 4:00 PM, Davao Crocodile Park will showcase animal shows including Tiger Climb..We could no longer wait to see the shows since it was late in the afternoon (na), and it was also drizzling! We arrived at around 1:00 pm, and left at 3:00 pm. Two-hour rounds in the park had already left us panting...

Family Picture

Picture with Muther!

High-Five with the Lion Statue
I feared snake as much as I feared cockroach. Since it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I took the challenge. There were actually many people in front of us who were lining up, and would also want to have picture-taking with the snake. So Chesska's attention was slightly diverted,  not to the creepy creature. But in fairness ha, the snake was so heavy yet well-behaved!

Prepare another 40 pesos if you plan to take photo with the snake.

The souvenir shop, displaying crocodile-leather-made belts and other crocodile products...

I  suggest you come and visit the park beginning 3:00 pm so you would see array of shows including bird shows, tiger climb, crocodile feeding and other fun-filled activities you and your child will surely love and enjoy.

Crocodile Park is located at Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road Maa, Davao City.
Telephone Number: +63 (82) 286 8883 | +63 (2) 833.5680
Phone: (082) 286 8883 or (082) 286 1054 Telefax: +