Wrong Diagnosis (I supposed!)

Disclaimer: The information contained on this post is NOT intended as medical advice.  Please consult with a licensed medical professional if you have any questions or concerns related to your baby's health situation.

Chesska, 3.7,  barely gets sick, but when she is ill, it will definitely stay longer and even get worse if not attended immediately.

Last week, Monday, she was feverish associated with a nasty cough. She also felt like vomiting every time I gave her medicine. So I decided to take her for a free medical check-up near our village sponsored by a certain congregation which is conducted every Tuesday.

Since heaps of people, including us,  were waiting our turns to be checked, and the fact that it was free, the doctor was rushing checking each patient so she could accommodate everyone. When my turn came, she interviewed us about how the fever and cough started. Then hurriedly patted her stethoscope towards Chesska's chest and back but said nothing.  But she advised for urinalysis and cbc, which was performed right away in the mobile lab in front the checking venue (I doubt the facilities are clean) .

A few minutes later, we got the result and went back to the doctor for the final analysis. She told me, Chesska had urinary tract infection and her cbc showed fine except that her hemoglobin's score was below the normal level. In other words, Chesska was anemic. I silently asked myself, how come she got UTI, I didn't even give her junk foods, nor I let her sip even a little amount of soft drink. To give her the benefit of the doubt, I still followed her prescriptions (after all she's a doctor).

For her UTI along with her cough, she prescribed an antibiotic, Co-Amoxiclav to be taken twice a day, 7.5 ml, for 7 days and Salbutamol Guifenesin, thrice a day, 5 ml,  for 7 days.

However, after taking Co-Amoxiclav, and on Wednesday early dawn until the sun shone, I noticed that her fever didn't go away. Her cough was getting nastier.  Her stomach also got upset that she had to poop several times (around 3-4) for that day. It bothered me even more. My husband and I again decided to repeat the laboratory: urinalysis, cbc, and fecalysis in the hospital that we used to consult every time Chesska got health problems. It is approximately 10-15 minutes away from our house. I was confident that the results were more reliable than the previous one because the examination lasted for about an hour (at least it was examined thoroughly....)

We brought the results to the attending physician (resident doctor), since the pedia was no longer around then (it was already 8:00 p.m). Both urinalysis and cbc were read okay, contrary to the previous results. Meaning Chesska was cleared from UTI and she's not anemic.  But we came to the worst part, that Chesska had ameoba. Again, I initially doubted the result. I stubbornly insisted that it might be only the side effect of antibiotic since Chesska suffered from frequent pooping five months ago after taking the same medicine. But the attending physician strongly emphasized that the results were correct (pointing on the paper).

She prescribed a Metronidazole for amoeba to be taken 3 times a day, 7ml,  for one week.

But that time, I was so concerned about Chesska's cough, not the diarrhea or whatsoever. Because her cough was pretty bad.  I finally requested the doctor to check Chesska with her stethoscope. According to her, she heard no phlegm, but I was half-convinced. She advised me to continue the antibiotic and Salbutamol given to her by the first doctor.

While I continued giving the meds, Chesska's cough remained hard, fever persisted. On the following day, Thursday, I went to Chesska's pedia, Dr. Sweet,  asking for another opinion. She was actually Chesska's pedia ever since.  What I liked about having appointment with your pedia was that you could discuss things thoroughly. Then she let Chesska lie down on mini-bed and checked her chest with stethoscope, listening carefully if there were phlegms. She noticed some. Then she had her mouth open, inspecting the throat thoroughly ,and gently pressed her tummy. I also handed her the lab results from the previous day, and she saw no indication of UTI shown from urinalysis, but she confirmed Chesska had amoeba. She told me to continue the med for amoeba, which is the Metronidazole, but she increased the dosage, from 7.5ml to 9ml for 10 days. Plus she shifted the antibiotic from Co-Amoxiclav to Cefixime, to be administered twice a day, 3ml, for 10 days.

Today is our 6th day of medication, and I can see tremendous improvement on her health. I seldom heard her cough at night, unlike in the past few days, it was quite bothersome. I did not also see her poop today, and I hope she will continue to improve until the next few days.

Lesson Learned:

I wish I had gone to my pedia right away when the first symptoms occur so I did not waste my time and money. It doesn't mean I don't trust the first check-up, it's because my pedia knew well Chesska in terms of her health from the very start, and we have consulted to her several times for years.

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Beware of Investment Scams

Getting 10% profit from your investment in just 4 days? That's ridiculous! There's no such thing as getting rich instantly (unless you win a lottery, but the chance is as small as the hit of the lighting). I still believe that in order to become wealthy, it still entails hard work, honest ways, and self-discipline towards spending. Don't be fooled easily by the investment scams which are rampant nowadays. Be wary of where you are putting your money,  else you'll end up tearful and remorseful by not investing carefully.

Aral Muna Bago Invest..
Hindi yong invest lng ng invest..
Sa huli and pera mo'y para lng winalis.

I advise you to take a look of this website. This will walk you through the process of investing. I swear, it's worth your time and money.

How My Husband Got Me to Join "Truly Rich Club"

I don’t think I mention this to you before, but early this year, my husband, Ronan, whose new interest right now is investing into stocks  (while me is just waiting for his report of our gain, hehe ), had finally convinced me to join Truly Rich Club, founded by Bo Sanchez. (Good thing about Ronan is that he always consults me before he makes a financial decision because according to him "I am the boss!". Joke!)

Ok, let me share you a story. 

When I first heard about "Truly Rich Club", to be honest, I got intimidated.


, I don't consider myself rich, and currently living from a middle-class family (not so sure), to become Henry Sy, for exampleis a kind of hard to achieve. Second, I thought, in order to be a club member, you must be really, really rich. (Because it says nga, "TRULY RICH", toink!)

However, after learning TRC, where Ronan talks about it whenever he's got a chance, my perception about "being rich" has been changed. It's because I used to associate "rich" with people having a Montero, plenty of money, expensive gadgetand extravagant lifestyle. But I was completely wrong! Not all people with those expensive possessions are signs of truly wealthy. Malay mo driver lng sya ng Montero? I am just joking.

But who are truly rich?

Of course, it's not required to be like Uncle Henry Sy and Lucio Tan (hehe) in order to be called rich. As for me, one can be considered rich when he's got a financial freedom.  This means, he doesn't need to worry about finances in the years to come because he just let his asset, investment, and passive income work for him even if he quits his 8-hour job. Thus, he can retire as early as he wants to without waiting 60 years old (which all of us assumed), afford to buy a car with cash for example (instead of a car loan), sustain his monthly expenses, be financially prepared when anything comes up unexpectedly or what we call “emergency”, take his family somewhere for a vacation, and most of all use his money to help others. 

But let's keep in mind" 

"The most obvious measurement of wealth is gratitude. Bo Sanchez"

Why did we join the club?

By joining the club, it was one of the smartest decisions of our life. EVER!  It helps good people become rich.  Because of the guidance we get from the Club, we're now faithfully investing in the Stock Market each month. Yes each month. Shocking, right? I wish we had known TRC long time ago so we could have invested in stock market when we were still young. We could probably have gained bigger than what have now. But I know it's not yet too late! YOU TOO!
Isn't it challenging?
It’s really amazing how we are personally growing in our finances. We are inviting you to join the Club too.  If you’re interested, click the link here. Listen to Bo explain what it is all about.  And email me if you have any questions.

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Actual Wedding Expenses

We can't ignore the fact that wedding costs are due to family pressure either from the groom or bride, pressure from peers, or even influence from social media such as Facebook or Pinterest, posting nice and magical wedding photos. But as practical as we are, we strive not to keep up with the latest wedding trends. After all,  wedding is not a competition.

Month ago prior to our church wedding ceremony, I shared our estimated wedding budget, detailing all the important things we had to pay and purchase, making certain we wouldn't exceed to our allocated budget. (Note: Some figures reflected there were exact amount we paid especially fees for church, makeup, Eden resort's accommodation, and the wedding dresses, while the rest mentioned was just a rough estimate.)

Originally, we didn't want to spend more than 60,000 just for a single day . So Ronan and I had a long debate of who to invite, where is the venue, how much is the budget for photography, so on and so forth. Eventually,  we decided to have a smaller and simpler wedding. The simpler, the better.

Before I elaborate everything, let me share you our actual wedding cost, which was slightly higher than our estimated wedding budget. Note. Our wedding budget is neither loaned nor borrowed (We are proud of it!).

Details Pesos (1 dollar=44) 
Eden Accommodation (2 days) + Buffet (32 people) 25,378 $577
Virgin delos Remedios Fee 4,200 $95
St. Michael Chapel Rent 2,000 $45
St. Michael Choir  2,000 $45
Stipend 1,500 $34
Wedding Requirements 500 $11
Wedding Clothes Rent (second use) 8,800 $200
Makeup  7,000 $159
Photography  (shoot only) 6,000 $136
Bouquets and Flowers 3,000 $68
Eden Transportation (back and forth)  2,500 $57
Church Decor  2,581 $59
Shoes (6 people) 4,120 $94
Crucifix and Bible  750 $17
Postnup Suits 2,300 $52
Hair Color (Ronan and Me)  1,510 $34
Others 9,680 $224
Total Cost84, 569 $1922 

First, let's talk about our wedding venue. I genuinely love nature as much as my husband does. I told him if we could just find the right venue - quiet, intimate, and spectacular - then all else would fall into place. So we first agreed to have Eden Garden Resort as our wedding reception.

However, after calling them up, they said that the required minimum guests shouldn't be less than 100 persons. If we chose that option, our cost might have reached 100,000. Though that amount already includes foods for 690/pax, St. Michael Chapel fee for 12, 900, and the hall rent for 10,000. Hello, we were only 32 and didn't want to pay the excess amount. After making up our minds, we finally chose, still Eden, but this time, we only availed the accommodation (before and after the wedding) plus buffet during the wedding for 32 pax including the photographers and makeup artists. We had no choice but forget the reception, program, etc.

Second is hire a well-versed photographer . We were so completely happy of the outcome of our pictures. These didn't tell that we only had a low-budget wedding. We owed this from  King Perez, who happened to be Ronan's college friend. In fairness, his talent fee is the cheapest fee I know, considering how creative and professional he was during our wedding. I was unsure if he just gave a discounted price because first of all he's a friend. But tell you what, photography and video would have cost you as much as 16,000 - 40, 000, depending how long the shoot will be. We we're just so lucky we have King! hehe

Third, take into consideration the wedding dresses. Initially, our budget for wedding dresses is  7,000. We first scouted at Wedding Bells , along Ecoland, to see the dresses and most importantly ask the cost. For first user, the cost ranges from 25, 000 and beyond  (My eyes bulged a bit because it was outrageously high). While, second user's lowest rate ranges from 13,000, depending on the style. I told my husband, "let's go to some other boutiques to take chances and I believe we can dig a nicer gown there for a reasonable price". So our second route was Teresing boutique along Magallanes Street. Luckily,  we found for only 8,800 worth for the whole package already (bridal gown, groom's suit, entourage dresses, veil, cord, 3 flower girls ' baskets ), all are second used.

Fourth, don't be too thrifty when it comes to makeup. The groom and the bride are the main cast of the event so it's just right that you both look gorgeous. I think, 7,000 was just a fair professional fee asked by our makeup artists because it already included the whole entourage. By the way, don't you ever forget to get into pre-makeup from your preferred artists so they could study further what's the best makeup for you.

Fifth, the "Others" category was our prepared contingency fund, which was gradually spent for fare back and forth (brother and mother-in-law), snacks during errands,  foods the day before the wedding since we cooked our own foods at Eden, and a small "handa" in our house two days after the wedding prepared for friends and neighbors who had not been invited.


We did not pay for the wedding organizer. We did the planning ourselves, though it would entail effort, time and energy.  It took us 3 three months,  ironing out everything - from complying church wedding requirements, from scouting for venues and churches, from looking into the biggest details up to the tiniest. We save 20,000. 

We did not pay for cake. Since we didn't have a formal reception, (buffet is informal..hehe) we opted not to have it. We save 3,000. 

We did not buy wedding rings. We just reused the wedding rings worn during our first wedding (civil ceremony). We save 5,000 (Just an estimate).

We did not hire a florist. Our first preference was to hire someone to decorate the church but she asked 22, 000 for the floral arrangement and bouquets. NO WAY! Too expensive. So we made the ribbons and other decors ourselves for church by watching the process from YouTube. (You see how useful Youtube is..) For our bouquets, hair dresses, and corsages, my aunt knew a florist from Bankerohan,  so we got a discount and just paid 3,000. We save 19,000. 

bride's maids bouquets

bridal's bouquet

DIY Church Decors

We did not pay for the wedding car. St. Michael chapel is just a few minutes away from the room where we stayed so we just rode in the resort's shuttle. It was incredibly a unique experience. We save 2,000. 

We did not include video shoot.  I'll tell you, video would easily consume almost 1/4 to 1/2 of your budget so we already settled into photo shoot. We save 10,000. 

We did not avail the reception for 100 guests.  The ultimate reason was our budget was too limited so it turned out to be a small wedding. We save 56, 920.  

We did not bother for giveaways.  Most of our guests haven't gone to Eden yet, so I guess that was the best giveaway we had given them - plus memories and experience. We save 3,200. (100 pesos/pax)

We did not buy wedding invitation cards.  Personal invitation by mouth just worked really fine. We save 1000. 

By now, you might have known that we are the most frugal couple in the history (haha). But you know what, we have saved P118, 120 (just re-compute na lng if I got it wrong..hehe). If we chose a fancier wedding, our wedding cost might have been more or less 200,000, which is usually the cost of modern wedding nowadays.

Let's keep in mind that happiness is not measured by the extravagance of the wedding, but it's how the couple wholeheartedly works out the marriage vow until the end of time. Additionally,  Pope Francis said,  a Christian marriage is not just a big ceremony held in a church with nice flowers, and everyone wearing fancy clothes and taking lots of pictures.  Marriage is an act of faith between a man and woman who are both fragile and limited, but courageous enough to follow Christ and seek to love each other as he loves them. (source)

How about you? How much did you spend on your wedding? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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15-Minute Dinner: Vietnamese Pho Noodle Salad

It's been super busy these days running around and meeting numerous deadlines. What a crazy week! Besides, the weather is getting hotter too, which is not helping at all.

On busy and (hot) days like this, I love to try something quick and refreshing. That's how I came across my friend's recipe: Vietnamese Pho Noodle Salad, which consists of chewy rice noodles, aromatic Vietnamese cilantro, crunchy roasted peanuts and yummy roasted chicken. It's so quick to make, just 15 minutes and dinner is ready. Any leftovers can go neatly inside a container and bring for lunch next day. (I am lucky if there are any leftovers at all)

My friend, Nancy is a leader when it comes to helping busy modern women like us to save time in the kitchen. She definitely saved my time! Check out this irresistible new dinner idea, you will love it:

via: http://imadethisdish.com/

From the Bottom of Our Hearts, Thank You!

We would like to thank all the people who had been part of our second wedding (first was civil), which was held at St. Michael Chapel, right across Eden garden resort,  last April 24 @ 10am. This was only attended by 21 adults and 6 kids, excluding 3 photographers and 2 make-up artists. Ninety-eight percent of the attendees are all family members because we decided to have a simple, intimate, and family-exclusive wedding.

The people behind the success are the following:

First, Mr. Jack Javier, who is working in the US right now, and Ronan's long-time friend. Thanks for the help dude.

Also to Ms. Mimi, St. Michael in-charge, for helping us reserve the chapel knowing that St. Michael is mostly reserved for couples who avail the Eden wedding package. Thanks for the suggestion and advice.

To Virgin Delos Remedios, San Lorenzo, and San Pedro parish for approving our wedding requirements.

To Father Al Botero, presider of the wedding ceremony and the St. Michael GKK priest, for the heartfelt homily and advice. He truly appreciated the simpleness and the uniqueness of our wedding. He even asked my husband whether he is an Irish because Irish people love to have a solemn wedding.

To King Perez and company, for tirelessly shooting us starting from 6am to 5pm. King had captured 1600+ pictures. Your talent and creativity are admirable. You are highly recommended.

We also thank Marla Santos and Jopay, our make-up artists,  for the wonderful job. We all woke up at early dawn (3am to be exact) and they started putting makeup to us. The output was still impressive despite a few hours sleep due to the annoying and persistent noise from the creaking window from the pine lodge where we stayed. (I thought I was the only one who noticed it but everyone did hehe). You also managed to catch up even in the cramming time.

To Auntie Arlene Cornista, my ninang, for the flower arrangement.

To Teresings boutique located at Magallanes St.,  for our wedding dresses. The bridal gown looks simple yet elegant.

To Zipsite family, headed by Ma'am Maida and Sir Roy Barrientos,  for granting my husband, Ronan,  to leave from work. Thanks for your support and understanding.

To my employer Cathy Yeatts, for the support and for gifting us extra $$. It helped augment to our wedding expenses.

To my brother and his family all the way from Bukidnon, Algee and family, Papa Roy and Family, Auntie Delia and Family, Auntie Arlyn and Family, Mama Alice and Family, Mama for the all-out support, and lastly Pons, a last-minute invitee and the instant groom's man.

To Eden resort for the warm accommodation.

To the resort's shuttle drivers who patiently transported us back and forth,  passing through a bumpy and dark road knowing that pine lodge was very very far from the main (10-minute drive).

To all our friends for the well wishes, many thanks.

Above all, to Jesus Christ our Lord for the bountiful blessings, without Him, we can do nothing.

Once again thank you and God bless us all.


-Jeni and Ronan-

Does my face sound familiar?

No, I didn't join the latest and the most trending show in Chanel 2 today "My Your Face Sounds Familiar" (haha).  It was actually a pre-wedding hair and makeup test which I asked from my hired beautician to do before the final wedding.

I told him/her (actually she's a gay), to make me the most beautiful and gorgeous bride in the planet (hehe).

So here are the outputs of my newly-transformed self.

According to her she uses MAX factor make-up. (Hmmm e di wow) In fairness, it was apparent that my face looks glowing and the color just tones to my complexion. Sorry I didn't have a before-photo to compare.

Side View

Back View Showing the Hair Style

I was amazed of the make-up trick. I have originally a cute short nose but now it is a bit taller. 

When I arrived home, I let my hair free, dressed up, and posed as attractively as  I could.

As much as I want to try different makeup styles, her first touch is just perfect for my needs.