My Life as a Work-at-Home Mom, Bow!

I managed to juggle two jobs: a full-time webmaster and being a mother,  just like the picture you see below. 

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To tell you honestly, it's difficult to keep two jobs smoothly to attain sanity. (It rhymes, hehe..)

But before I elaborate how I have been able "killing two birds with one stone", first, let me tell you a short story on how I became a webmaster.

My first job way back then was a grade school teacher for five years.  Later, I did realize it sucked most of my time like making daily lesson plan, checking a bunch of papers, preparing visual aids, attending to students and parent's needs, which I found stressful. So I decided to quit.

A few weeks after I resigned from work, I felt boredom had attacked me.  I used to be a workaholic gal,  so I thought of doing something to keep myself productive while at home. So I asked my husband to teach me how to create a website since he is a computer programmer. Not only a programmer, but an expert programmer.

You know what? My firsthand experience of learning the basics such as CSS and HTML overwhelmed me. It was pretty tough! It was brain-wracking, indeed!

Well, what can you expect from a zero-knowledge and no-earth teacher like me? lol

True, it wasn't connected with teaching skills, but I was so determined to learn.

I was motivated then.

I was very persistent.

And passionate.

And I began to like it,  more than teaching.

For three months of self-study, I soon found a work-at-home job.

Plus I got pregnant.

I was so ecstatic then, head over heels!

"Working at home was the best gift I'd ever received", I said.

No make-up - No ID - No uniform required!

Only fast internet plus skills.

A few months later, I gave birth to my dearest one.

She was everything to us.

So I worked harder.

But I knew it would affect my work hours. I was ready for that!

"The show must go on!", as I pondered upon.

I worked full-time, juggling my career with raising my child.

So every morning,  I had to wake up early no matter how sleepy I was.

Or tired.

Or dizzy.

I tried myself to get up to get household chores done before my virtual work at 9:30 a.m.  As much as my husband liked to help,  he used to work at 8:00 A.M. which meant he could spend less time. That was acceptable, anyway!

So before I sit to my computer chair to attend to my online job, I made sure everything was tidy.

I thought mothering was the easiest job every woman could do.

But the truth was lots of responsibilities ahead of you.

The only job without pay.

No bonus. 

Neither vacation leave. 

Nor 13th month pay.

What you'll receive is only pure LOVE. 

***Go back to my story.***

I repeat, before I sit to my computer chair I had to:

Get the bottles washed and sterilized;

Cook foods, sometimes; (But most of the time it's my mom who usually cooks)

Prepare the meals;

Pick up the clutters or toys;

Fix the bed;

Sweep the dirt away on the floor;

Wash the dishes;

Wash the clothes myself, occasionally;  (But usually It's my home-buddy mom again. Thanks to mama.)

It's because I had no longer strength and energy to wash our clothes on a daily basis. We are four in the family, so that's a lot of clothes. So generally, I did the washing on weekend.

After the household chores, I had to pay close attention to Chesska's needs.

I was the one who bathed her.

And fed her.

And dressed her up.

And entertained her.

And homeschooled her;

And cleaned her up when she pooped or peed.

Every time Chesska threw tantrums, I had to soothe her until she calmed down;

Or bribed her with candy;

Or attempted to hoax coax her;

Or sometimes scared her like "there's a snake going to bite you"; (which I thought correct, but eventually I came to realize it was totally wrong. )

Sometimes any of those strategies applied never worked!

At all.

Yes it was exhausting!

Sometimes exasperating!

Deep inside me, I thought of yelling.

But by just seeing a beaming smile from Chesska, every stress wiped away.  

It didn't occur to me to trade this job (work-at-home mom) with something else.

It's because it gave me the freedom to raise my child.

And helped my husband to make money, too.

And gave me ample time taking care of my child and husband.

And so do I!

This is what working-at-home mom is all about!

I feel great.

I feel awesome.

I feel happy.

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Nido Junior Review

Disclaimer: I'm not compensated for this review. 

I am breastfeeding Chesska for 2 years and 7 months already. We both love it, still!  Sometimes I plan to wean her, but sometimes I don't. For as long as she still likes it, mama approves...hehe

As much as I want to exclusively breastfeed her, my work and time forbid. So the need of mixed-feeding comes in.

Chesska is an "Engagrow-A+"  kid since one year old. But occasionally, I shift her milk to Nido Junior as a temporary replacement of the former.  If you are also a mother, you would start agreeing with me that "temporary-shift" is sometimes needed especially during belt-tightening. However, husband and I decided not to change her original milk until she reaches three years old.

And so I tried tasting the milk myself, it is slightly sweeter than Enfagrow A+. But my girl didn't notice the taste after consuming 3 cans of milk already at different month intervals.

The fact that Chesska is happily breastfeeding up to now, maybe she cared less of the taste of the formula milk. What she likes better is the original mama's milk plus cuddle and kiss. hehe

Given the price that most moms can afford,  it has also nutrients need not to be underestimated. As a picky-gal like Chesska, of course, who else? I have particularly looked for a milk which has the following nutrients:

DHA for brain development;

Prebiotics for healthy digestion; to prevent diarrhea; ease bowel movement, etc;

Vitamin C and Zinc to boost immune system;

Vitamin A  to promote good eyesight and healthy skin;

and a lot more.

I feel at ease when I came to know Nido is enriched with those nutrients I mentioned.

After taking Nido for several times already, I noticed she could poop regularly, knowing that she sometimes gets constipated. I would probably attribute this on Prebiotic content present in the milk. Other than that, I don't see any obvious effect which is also hard to determine since Chesska was not fed on it regularly.

Feeding recommendations:

Add seven (7) scoops of milk to 200ml previously boiled water. Drink two to three glasses everyday.

Note: Breastmilk is the best for babies up to years of age and beyond.

Weekend Getaway at Davao Crocodile Park

I have a confession to make. It has been more than 7 years since the last time I visited crocodile park. It was during our school's field trip with my grade-3 students; they are all now grown college students, I assumed.

I'm not kidding, the place itself  is just  30-minute away from where we live, but I was unable to revisit the said place for the longest time. I felt like I was already a stranger in my own hometown. (lots of intermissions, ha!)  As much as I would want to get back there, the crazy schedules and busy work didn't allow me.  And so my husband!

Until we noticed lately, our little girl, Chesska, was quite amused seeing animals with her picture-books, and began to excite when she happened to see animals in TV. Recently,  we brought her to Crocodile Park so she could see real animals in action. For a 2-year-old toddler, it is surely exciting!

Before I get the ball rolling, here's first the entrance fee:

Adult ........................................... 200 pesos
Kids (2-12 years old) .....................100 pesos
3:00 p.m.  and up
Adult.............................................250 pesos
Kids (2-12 years old)......................100 pesos
Warning: Pictures Overload Ahead...

Near the main entrance..

Crocodile Park is not mainly raising crocodiles. There are other exotic animals to see, too,  like iguana, reptiles, bats, monkeys, bear cats, raptors, and many more..

Dear deer, how are you there?  Rhyme, dba? haha
Chesska's first encounter with other species makes her speechless. She is somewhat overwhelmed!



One-of-a-kind pig: The Philippine Warty Pig
Featuring my friends, crocodile.(lol). If one of them could escape from their pen, I didn't know where in the city we could find our legs..(exagg lng..) Yon kung buhay pa!
A dozen of crocodiles lying at their pen.

Emerging heads of crocs. I was wondering whether they are sleeping or secretly staring at me..

Another type of bird..

Philippine Bats

Lovey-dovey husband with our daughter Chesska..
The biggest bird in the planet, Ostrich..

I was unaware that I was talikod-genic..whoaah!

One of the crocodile park's highlights is the presence of the Siberian tigers. As compared to my last visit, there were no tigers yet. Seeing them in actual amazed me since I haven't yet seen a tiger in my entire life. There are actually four tigers around namely Sultan, Shiva, Datu and Eve.

One needs to pay additional 30 pesos in order to enter the tiger's den for a closer look.

Pardon the poops. We didn't intend to include  them during the picture-taking...

Beginning 4:00 PM, Davao Crocodile Park will showcase animal shows including Tiger Climb..We could no longer wait to see the shows since it was late in the afternoon (na), and it was also drizzling! We arrived at around 1:00 pm, and left at 3:00 pm. Two-hour rounds in the park had already left us panting...

Family Picture

Picture with Muther!

High-Five with the Lion Statue
I feared snake as much as I feared cockroach. Since it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I took the challenge. There were actually many people in front of us who were lining up, and would also want to have picture-taking with the snake. So Chesska's attention was slightly diverted,  not to the creepy creature. But in fairness ha, the snake was so heavy yet well-behaved!

Prepare another 40 pesos if you plan to take photo with the snake.

The souvenir shop, displaying crocodile-leather-made belts and other crocodile products...

I  suggest you come and visit the park beginning 3:00 pm so you would see array of shows including bird shows, tiger climb, crocodile feeding and other fun-filled activities you and your child will surely love and enjoy.

Crocodile Park is located at Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road Maa, Davao City.
Telephone Number: +63 (82) 286 8883 | +63 (2) 833.5680
Phone: (082) 286 8883 or (082) 286 1054 Telefax: +

Chesska's Prayer

Praying before bedtime has already been part of Chesska's daily routine. We just taught her a simple prayer that she could easily remember. Besides, her father was a former sacristan, so there's no reason why we shouldn't.

One time, her prayer caught our attention......

Chesska's Version: 

First, she made a sign of a cross by touching her forehead when mentioning "Father",  then touched her left shoulder for "Son", (despite constantly teaching her at the lower middle of the chest; I know for a 2-year old, it is still tough yet to master ), then touched her right shoulder for "Holy" then back to left shoulder for "Spirit". 

Her prayer goes this way...

Sas (Jesus), tenkyu (thank you) dis day....
Tenkyu juice, pap (as in lollipop), bread, cake, candy, ice cream,  Jollibee! (raise her voice with excitement)....
Tenkyu mama papa..Amen....
Father, Son, Ly, Rit..Amen...

For a 2-year-old young and innocent mind, it is admirable to see her pray, and at the same time sounds hilarious especially the way she mentioned the foods she was usually eating. You see,  how famous Jollibee is?

How we (husband and I) control our spending

We all love shopping, don't we? We can't avoid drooling over mall displays which sometimes lead us to unplanned purchase - branded clothes, gadgets, bags, a new pair of shoes, furniture, or anything that catches our eyes. If I were a heir of Uncle Bill Gates (lol), maybe I could shop things as much as I want. But we all know, that is not the real situation.

Since I've been promoted as a mom (which is my new blog's tagline), I have already become kuripot (stingy), which I'm only second to my husband who is the ultimate-kuripot. Yes, we were blessed for having substantial-earning jobs, but we make sure we don't spend more than our income. We are not "ubos biyaya, bukas nakatunganga" type of people, not even one-day-millionaires, because as we know (you and me) money would easily disappear in our pocket when we're not conscious of our spending.

So here, I will share with you our agreed-upon method in handling money.

1. Set up a budget.

Honestly, Ronan is much more financial literate than me, so his influence about handling money has infected me so much. (hehe) During in the early stage of our marriage, Ronan and I first talked on how we should handle our finances. We both agreed to keep track of our expenses no matter how small or big so we can figure out where our money is going.

How? We make a list by categorizing our necessary expenses including foods, emergency funds, house amortization, insurance, bills, gasoline, recreation, and the like. We agreed how much money or how many percent of our salary will go to each category.

This is how we classify the items under each category: Expenses and Savings:

2. We put right away our savings in the bank.

To avoid the bad money habit like overspending, we right away put our savings in the bank. This fund is reserved for emergencies and future use like Chesska's education and for our retirement as well.

Luckily, since Ronan and I are both income-generating, a certain rate of our income will go directly to our bank account. We have faithfully practiced this financial principle: SALARY - SAVINGS = EXPENSES. 

What does that principle imply? Well it's very simple. As soon as we received our salary during pay day (take note pay day...well unless pay day falls during holidays), we put right away our savings in the bank and never touch them unless, of course, when emergencies happen.  Then the money-left will go to whatever our expenses.

Though at the beginning, we find this practice tough to achieve, but as time passed, we already get into the habit of saving.

If we'll reverse the financial equation to SALARY - EXPENSES = SAVINGS, for example,  what will happen then?  If you can't control your impulse by buying anything useless, you might have turned your savings into negative, as a result , you might have left indebted.

3. We avoid credits. 

As much as we want to avail credit card for easy purchase online such as booking a plane ticket, or for the sake of convenience by swiping the card when grocery-shopping,  but the idea that it is still "utang (debt)", then we decided not to avail it.

Instead, the only card we have is a debit card. Yes we can still swipe and purchase online, well unless there are sufficient funds on it. As long as we know it is not "utang", then we can sleep well at night by not worrying about paying interest and credit card dues.

4. We invest into financial education.

Does it sound expensive? Actually it's not. Financial education is just around the corner. We can read financial books on how to increase our financial literacy. Or we can ask advice from a financial mentor who can guide us how to handle our finances. Or meaningfully surf the net on how to manage our money wisely.

5. Lastly and most importantly, we practice delayed gratification.

While strolling around the mall, a nice dress in the boutique catches your attention. Would you stop and buy it? Or wait for a few days and think many times before you buy it?

How you answer the question would have great impact in your finances in the future.

Delayed gratification is an important skill for one to develop in order to attain financial success. It means to delay your pleasure and to fight temptations over instant buying just to satisfy your present-self or just to impress others.

Presently, I am proud to have a better half who managed setting aside his "wants" for the sake of our most important goal. I know he has long wanted to buy a new bike so he can exercise every morning; and a latest windows phone to upgrade his programming skills, but he rather opted to save so we can fully-pay our house, hopefully this year.

The same is true with myself. I want to replace my 8-year-old and cranky laptop into a new one, but then I have to control my urge until we'll hit our goal this year.

On the other hand, here are three ways how to reduce instant gratification.


How about you mommies? How did you and your husband manage your finances? I'll be glad to hear from you by leaving your comments below.

Guyabano Fruit , Neighbors Claim, and Other Stories

Since we moved to our new house in 2010, my husband was fond of planting any - flowers, vegetables, and even fruits including Guyabano (soursop in English) in our yard. I had frequently told him, "atong balay mura nag lasang (Our house already looks like a forest! Even then, I just let him plant as many as he wants, anyway, we could all benefit during the harvest. Oh see.

But since our troublesome-dog,Whitey, came to the family, the flowers and vegetables were slowly messed up. He would not stop stepping and biting the plants until they slowly withered and died. We were all pissed. Can you feel our frustrations? Planted in months, destroyed in days! Since then, we concentrated growing fruits such as Guyabano, Jack fruit, and  Dwarf Coconut.

Okay, I will focus telling a story about the Guyabano...

It has been two years since we planted two seedlings of Guyabanos. One was planted at the left side of our house, and the other one was planted in front of our house. Between the two, the Guyabano which was planted in front our house grows well and bears lots of fruits. This tree has completely caught attention from the neighbors who happened to pass by our house.

How many guyabanos did you see? 

Freshly-picked Guyabano

Guyabano Shake

Neighbors Claim

One lovely morning, an old man who came from a brisk walk, who also happened to pass by our house ,asked withered leaves of Guyabano. I curiously asked him.

Me: Unsaon nimo ang dahon sa Guyabano nong?  (What will you do with the Guyabano leaves? )

Old Man: Akong lagaon day, nya imnon murag tsa ba.  (I'm going to boil the leaves and drink like a tea)

Me: Oh ok. 

Old Man: Diaebetic man gud ko day, mao ning akong alternative. (I'm diabetic and this is my alternative treatment. )

The following day of the same week, another old woman from the neighborhood who could hardly walk, also asked leaves. Out of curiosity, again, I asked. Her answer was the same as the old man's whom I have just mentioned earlier. But this time, she was hypertensive and just got a mild stroke.

Because of this fruit, we became popular in our block. Many neighbors near us already asked and made reservation - as in reserve not buy. Anyway, they are not for

You see how in demand the fruit is? I just remembered when I was little, this fruit is the least favorite among other fruits like santol, mangga, and singkamas. How I love craving santol or singkamas after school. hehe

Back to my story....

They are not the only people I know who claimed that Guyabano can cure any kind of diseases. It is actually a common belief not only from our neighbors but also across the country that Guyabano, whether fruits, leaves, or roots could treat numerous diseases including cancer.

Yes, partly, this claim makes sense! Even myself, too, has begun to believe of this claim. Well, any fruit when freshly picked and eaten immediately will provide lots of nutrients including "enzyme". Many are not yet aware that enzymes are necessary for digesting food, for stimulating the brain, for providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissues, organs, and cells.

However, since I am a type of person who doesn't completely believe on "hearsay", but on evidence based on scientific research, then I find myself researching on the internet regarding this matter.

Here's what I got.

According to the scientific literatures gathered by Gigi, researches have been undertaken to uncover guyabano’s anticancer effects, starting in 1976 when the National Cancer Institute in the United States conducted the first study on the fruit’s supposed cancer fighting properties.
This was followed by 20 more laboratory tests conducted in various laboratories worldwide. They all came out with unanimous results: Guyabano tree extracts, indeed, proved to be effective against the growth of malignant cells in 12 cancer types. These include some of the deadliest cancer forms which have taken the lives of many around the globe: pancreatic, colon, lung, prostate and breast cancers.
According to the Catholic University of South Korea and Purdue University in Indiana, United States, guyabano tree extracts acted in a way that prevented it from harming normal cells, while successfully targeting the dangerous ones, unlike chemotherapy, which destroys all cells that multiply. The findings of the Catholic University of South Korea were published in the Journal of Natural Products. 
But, it has to be emphasized that all of these trials were conducted in the laboratory only using nonliving models, or what is called as in vitro experiments. Absolutely, no research in humans, so far.

On the other hand, here's another reliable article I've just found on the benefits of Guyabano.

Excerpt via:
Practitioners of herbal medicine recommend the fruit and leaves of the graviola tree to relieve stomach distress, fever, pain and respiratory problems such as cough and asthma, and for many other medical problems. Soursop contains a number of natural substances that have biological activity, according to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. These include fatty compounds called acetogenins, especially one called annonacin, along with other compounds called quinolones, annopentocins and two alkaloids, coreximine and reticuline. Soursop's acetogenins are the compounds that have been most studied, especially for their potential to prevent or slow the growth of cancer. The Cancer Center also says that some compounds in soursop may be naturally antiviral and antiparasitic, and may also suppress inflammation.

Additionally, my husband told me recently that he had read an article about Top-10 cancer fighting food in Yahoo, no. 1 is Guyabano. So I searched over the internet to get back the link so I can share it with you. Gladly, I found it.

Who says cancer prevention is expensive?
One may—or may not—take notice of this, but majority of the following can be found in his kitchen. By just simply incorporating these nature-given ingredients to his diet, one gets a clearer shot to living a healthier, longer life.

1. Guyabano - Otherwise known as the custard apple, Guyabano is deemed one of the miracle cures for cancer. In the study, “Journal of Medical Chemistry,” 14 structurally-diverse Annonaceous acetogenins, found in Guyabano extract were identified and tested for their ability to prevent the growth of adriamycian resistant human mammary adenocarcinoma cells.

According to a research in 1976, a chemical found in Guyabano is about 10,000 times more powerful and effective than Adriamycin, a drug used for chemotherapy.

Any idea about the Guyabano benefits? Can it really cure cancer and other diseases? Let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

Finally... Got a new tag line for my Mommy Blog..

Noticed anything new on my blog? If you are a regular visitor, you'll probably see it.  I have just rebranded my site by changing the design and tagline (the one you see beside the social icons, far left ) to sum up who I am as a blogger and what I write about.

Photo Credit:

Frankly, it has been two years before I finalized my tagline. Can you imagine how long it was? It is not because my brain was processing very slow (ha!). It is because most taglines that I wanted were already owned by fellow mommy blogs.(You see, how many mommy blogs worldwide. Hundreds? Thousands?)  Like for example, I first thought, "Diary of a First Time Mom", but then when I searched over the internet, this was already gotten.  Even my second idea, third idea, and so on, were already taken. You see, how we think exactly?

Photo Credit:

To make sure I won't be accused of "copycat", I should have come up with something unique based on who I am. Because of that, I get to combine my experiences in both areas of my life: as a previous Math teacher and a chess player.

Here's the list.

Taglines inspired from Teaching Idea:

  • Firstime Mom's Lessons and Plans (which is connected to Lesson Plan)
  • Firstime Mom's Corner (like Assignment Corner)
  • Even a Firstime-Mom can make a Difference! (Difference is related to Math)
  • Educational tips from a Firstime Mom
  • ABC of Motherhood

Taglines inspired from Chess:

  • Good Moves and Blunders of a Firstime Mom
  • A Novice Mother.. (Just like a beginner in Chess)
  • Challenges of Motherhood.. One “good move” at a time…
  • Promoted as a Mom..Taking the Challenge..One "good move" at a time.
  • Motherly Attacks (Like Chess Attack)

Among the taglines I have just mentioned, one tagline emerged as the "winner". 

Promoted as a Mom..Taking the Challenge..One "good move" at a time.

Upon contemplating for this tagline, I noticed that it's too long, so I separated the phrases to make them two lines. One is the main title and the other one is the tagline. Here it is...

Promoted as a Mom.. - (title tag)

Taking the Challenge..One "good move" at a time. (tagline)

I guess, you need to know why I chose this. Technically, the used-terms are from chess, however, even you are non-chess players, you would easily understand the terms. Still, here's the explanation.

a. First is Promotion- it is a Chess term that when a pawn (which has the lowest value among the pieces) reaches the 8th rank of the opponent's side, it can be promoted into any pieces. Queen, Rook, Knight, and Bishop (these have higher values than pawn).

Promotion is not only true with chess or even with career, but it is also true with individual status: from single to married. Right? The only promotion with no salary received, yet only received pure love.

b. Second is "Taking the Challenge". Like a brain-wracking chess game, motherhood is not an easy challenge.  Motherhood is the biggest challenge that every woman should prepare for - pregnancy stage, giving birth, child care, budgeting, and a lot more.. I am a type of gal who embraces challenges.

c. Lastly, "Good Moves". In chess, a player always aspires to win, hence, every move she makes should always be a good move for her advantage.

Does this have connection with mothering? Definitely! Mother not only knows best, but also does best for the welfare of her child.

Well, the original plan was only to make a tagline, but then, as I have mentioned earlier, the chosen-tagline was very long so I better include a title tag.

How do you like my new title and tagline?  I humbly ask your opinion by leaving your comments below.


How I encouraged my toddler to talk the second language (English)?

Hello Mommies! This is part two of my post a couple of weeks ago. If you were not able to read the first part last time, I suggest you read it here.

Ok. Let's proceed.

Ronan and I have tried our best to incorporate English words every time we talked to our little one, Chesska. Like what I mentioned in my old post, Speaking English is an important skill for a child to develop.

We mainly focus teaching English, rather than our own dialect, Visayan,  because, I know, Chesska could easily learn the "latter" when she gets older through the influence of neighbors, playmates, or even her classmates soon. Remember, we live in a bilingual-country which uses two major languages, our native-tongue and English.

However, along the road, there are factors which may interrupt her learning the language. One example is, my mom is a fan of the so-called "Teleserye", so Chesska couldn't avoid to watch it.  Another example is, during "adult-talk", we couldn't avoid her heard our conversation in Visayan. Well, I didn't say,  we all talked English at home (which sounds awkward since we were not used to ), but we only talked to our little girl in English.

The need of learning "English" as early as her age is quite important , especially that, Chesska will  start to school next year (hopefully). So she has been trained to get familiar with the things around her in English (which I elaborate below). Here's my step-by-step advice.

Disclaimer: I'm not an English-expert, nor an English teacher.  However, my prior knowledge on teaching approach and method helps me create this topic. 

1. At the age of 6 months,  I let her watch any English-based educational and interactive shows such as Barney, Dora the Explorer,  Alphabet Songs, Number Songs,  Animal Sounds, and Nursery Rhymes. 

Toddlers have lots to gain from listening to music, much more on watching educational and interactive shows. Apart from they're amusing, they also encourage toddlers to make movements by dancing with the tune, and help stimulate the process of "talking".

2. I teach to mastery,  using concrete examples and charts.

Child's learning is all about repetition, isn't it ? I say first the Alphabets and Numbers and let her follow after. I do it daily and consistently. Also, if a toddler has lots of opportunities to see pictures, chances are,  she will learn easily.

3. I often talk the routines she is doing daily such as bathe, sleep, brush, drink, comb, play, eat, watch tv, etc. 

This is Chesska's book about different actions.  I've always asked her what the characters(cat and mouse) are doing.  

During mother-child conversation, you may say:

a. Drink your milk.
b. Eat your food.
c. Let's sleep.
d. Brush your teeth.

4. A child can only speak English once she is familiar of the things around her. So I begin by:

a. Naming the foods she eats like biscuit, fruits, juice, candy, lollipop, rice, etc.

b. Naming the people, things, animals within her immediate surrounding, like mama, papa, friends, baby, dog, cat, tv, chair, table, door, window, curtain, etc.

c. Identifying the body parts  like eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Do it daily until she will remember, then have her identify body parts herself.

d. Identifying her personal belongings like shirt, short, skirt, panty, jogging pants, comb, toothbrush, etc.

e. Recognizing her toys such as bear, doll, car, xylophone, puzzle, etc.

f.  Distinguishing shapes and colors.

5. I would sometimes act out what she usually does like run, jump, smile, play, walk,  hop, close, open,  hide, seek, etc. 

It is sometimes necessary to stoop down to her level by jumping, running, walking, and playing together.
Act them out with her and say the words aloud.

6. More importantly, begin teaching good values by saying polite expressions like, "Thank you", "Sorry",  "Please", "Excuse me", "May I".

7. I teach her memorize her complete name, address, and age in a complete sentence. 

8. The time my toddler had already learned plenty of words,  I started incorporating the 5 w's (What, When, Where, Why, Who) in a sentence.   


What letter is this? Where is your toy? But don't expect a 2-year-old child to answer your question which starts with "Why and When"?

9. I integrate "please", in making a request like:

a. Please close the door.
b. Please arrange your toys.
c. Please put back your things inside the cabinet.
d. Please help mama.

10. I teach her how to greet .

a. Good morning!
b. Good afternoon
c. Good night!
d. Hi
e. Hello

11. I am generous with praises even the small effort my toddler does. I use "Very Good", "Good", "Nice", "Looks Good" with feelings.

When my little one sees a yummy food set on the table, she would say "wow", or when her dress is pretty, she would say "Nice". She has started appreciating little things.

12. I use "Yes" for approval  and "NO"for disapproval. 

13.. I buy plenty of picture-books for her to scan. 

Mind you - your little kiddo would pretend turning the books from one page to another. Also, she will enjoy naming things seen in the picture books.

14. I also orient my toddler with the words hot, dirty, slippery/slide, etc. for her safety. 

15. I teach her how to follow directions like right, left, up and down. 

Do you find my tips useful? Please do them slowly but consistently. It is not an easy process though, and it takes time before your toddler can absorb all of these. Even myself, too, has troubles making her understand the concepts. Just be patient and do it with "LOVE"...Most importantly, you enjoy what you are doing!

Some more tips? Maybe you can add "yours" by leaving your comments below.