Nido Junior Review

August 12, 2014
Disclaimer: I'm not compensated for this review. 

I am breastfeeding Chesska for 2 years and 7 months already. We both love it, still!  Sometimes I plan to wean her, but sometimes I don't. For as long as she still likes it, mama approves...hehe

As much as I want to exclusively breastfeed her, my work and time forbid. So the need of mixed feeding comes in.

Chesska is an "Engagrow-A+"  kid since one year old. But occasionally, I shift her milk to Nido Junior as a temporary replacement of the former.  If you are also a mother, you would start agreeing with me that "temporary-shift" is sometimes needed especially during belt-tightening. However, husband and I decided not to change her original milk until she reaches three years old.

And so I tried tasting the milk myself, it is slightly sweeter than Enfagrow A+. But my girl didn't notice the taste after consuming 3 cans of milk already at different month intervals.

The fact that Chesska is happily breastfeeding up to now, maybe she cared less of the taste of the formula milk. What she likes better is the original mama's milk plus cuddle and kiss. hehe

Given the price that most moms can afford,  it has also nutrients need not to be underestimated. As a picky gal like Chesska, of course, who else? , I have particularly looked for a milk which has the following nutrients:

DHA for brain development;

Prebiotics for healthy digestion; to prevent diarrhea; ease bowel movement, etc;

Vitamin C and Zinc to boost immune system;

Vitamin A  to promote good eyesight and healthy skin;

and a lot more.

I feel at ease when I came to know Nido is enriched with those nutrients I mentioned.

After taking Nido for several times already, I noticed she could poop regularly, knowing that she sometimes gets constipated. I would probably attribute this on Prebiotic content present in the milk. Other than that, I don't see any obvious effect which is also hard to determine since Chesska was not fed on it regularly.

Feeding recommendations:

Add seven (7) scoops of milk to 200ml previously boiled water. Drink two to three glasses everyday.

Note: Breastmilk is the best for babies up to years of age and beyond.

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