Paradise Island Beach Resort

January 31, 2015

Want to escape from a "hustle and bustle of city life" for a while? If yes, Paradise Beach Resort is a perfect destination for outing and family gathering.  It was actually the fourth time that my family and I went to Paradise Island,  simply, for its very relaxing atmosphere - clear blue water, fine white sand, and cool breeze.  But if you want adventure, Paradise has exciting sports activities too such as snorkelling, diving, kayaking, island hopping, and many other activities to enjoy. The resort is also safe. They have lifeguards watching over you and your children while swimming on the beach. When you swim beyond the restricted area, the lifeguard will not hesitate to whistle and remind you not to go far beyond that danger zone. The resort has also a lot of staff, designated in a different area to attend to you if ever you need anything.

Getting to Paradise Island Beach Resort

Going to Paradise is easy and hustle-free since it is only a few minutes away from Davao City. From the airport, it is more convenient to take a taxi going to the pier where you can take a boat to paradise. Most taxi drivers know where the location is.  The taxi fare may range from 100-150 depending on the traffic.

On the other hand, if you are based from the downtown area of Davao City, let's say Gaisano or  Abreeza Mall, you may ride a Jeepney and take Sasa Route for 10.00-12.00. From the highway (right), you will see this signage, get off, turn right,  and take a walk for 5-10 minutes. Don't worry they have tourist guides telling you the directions.

Driving directions from G-Mall to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

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Driving directions from Bangoy, International Airport to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort(via Barge at Sasa Wharf)

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For car owners, the resort has a wide parking space within the docking area. It has also security guards to secure your cars 24 hours, so you are worry-free.

When everyone is on board, the crews will remind you to wear your life vest. Paradise services are absolutely great because they also implement safety measures.  The boat fare is 15 pesos - very affordable!Take note. The boat operates at 5:00 am up to 5 pm only.  If you intend for a day tour only, you must go back before 5 pm.

Entrance Fee:

Entrance fee is very affordable. The day tour is P200 per person and P300 per person for an overnight stay. If you wish to get a cottage or room, the prices may range from 3000-4000 pesos.


Foods are delicious and affordable. They served both Filipino and international cuisines. They also offer a different kind of beverages like buko juice, shakes, and other cool favourites, perfect for quenching your thirst. You could also bring your own foods and drinks but they have corkage for beverages.


The area is also wifi-zone for internet surfers.

Live Shows:

If you are a music lover likes gigs, your ears will be entertained by their live band playing POP and R & B music. But if you want to laugh out loud until your belly hurts, then the resort has Carnival shows.

Water Sports Rental Rates

Other Recreations:

You will not get bored while on Paradise, they have other recreations like children's park and other sports activities.

Souvenir Shop

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort
Samal Island, Davao
TEL # (63) (82) 233 – 0251, 234 – 1229, 300 – 2343
Mobile # (63) 0920 – 954 - 6780

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