First Getaway of the Year at Camp Holiday

Disclaimer: It is a non-paid post. 

If my memory is right, I have been to Camp Holiday for the 5th time around including this getaway. I especially like this place for some reasons:

First, it is the nearest resort from Davao City where we reside. You can immediately see Camp Holiday once you get off from the barge that transports anyone from Davao City to the Island of Samal .

Second, in fairness to their entrance fee, it is much cheaper compared to other resorts nearby that offer similar amenities as Camp Holiday. Theirs is only 100 pesos per person while other resorts collect a minimum of 150 pesos or higher.

Third, Camp Holiday has some free amenities that the family will surely love (swimming pool, children's playground, beach, and many more ), considering the cheaper entrance fees.  

I assure you this getaway is less expensive, yet it nourishes our relationship as a family. If you didn't get a chance reading my goals this year, I've mentioned there, creating happy memories with my family. I know our mini happens too early but we just maximize the Christmas break we have had. 


Children's Playground
Kid's Pool
Hub Area
Free Use of Cottages
Dining Area

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