Things I Should Prepare for this January

January 07, 2015
Hello January and hi everyone!

It's been a week since the New Year has formally started. And sadly , my two-week-vacation leave is also over. This means I have to go back to the reality like you do: regular routines and work. Though, I don't feel getting back to work yet,  but I have to, so I can make up from the expenses incurred during the holidays.

By the way,  how did you start your New Year? For me/us, when January comes, a bunch of preparations are lining up and to be prepared/worked for. Want to ask me why? Here they are:

1. Chesska's Birthday

We all know how holidays have left us nearly bankrupt, but then, we have already set aside something for Chesska's 3rd birthday. But this time, we choose to prepare a simple, less expensive, yet meaningful 3rd birthday.

Since she's no longer timid, unlike last year, we plan to hold it at home and invite her friends her age from the neighborhood. The birthday theme is Chesska and her friends themselves.

2. Bills 

In addition to birthday preparation, it is also the first month of the year where we are piled up with bills and other expenditures including car registration, insurances, property tax, among others. But long before this month, I have already the budget laid out intended for these priorities.

3. Goals  

It's been said, "Start the Year Right". I mentioned my goals  in my last post, which keep me motivated and on track in life. Without goals, I think, life would have no direction.

As soon as I can, I will work on saving and investing smart but not hard. I guess, it would be a smart idea to invest money in stocks than engage into networking business which is risky and hard.

4. Self

It is also first week of the month that I return to work.  Though I don't feel working yet because of the nature of the project, I just think of a million people who are jobless or underpaid by their employers, then I get relieved right away.  I feel grateful for still having a 5-hour job, yet still get a substantial income.

Join me not to procrastinate during work hours. hehe

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What about you? What do you prepare for when January comes?

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