A Frozen-Themed 3rd Birthday Celebration

January 26, 2015
We are supposed to throw a themeless 3rd birthday for Chesska as I mentioned in my previous post. But apologies, we lied. Well, that happens sometimes (hehe).  The decision was quickly changed after Chesska has become a fanatic of Frozen stuff.

So the story goes this way.

Last Christmas, she was gifted a frozen doll and a dress by her ninong and ninang. She absolutely loved them!  And a week later, I thought of letting her watch a frozen movie so she could appreciate the gifts even more.

You're right! Her love of Frozen stuff has become more intense after knowing the characters, especially Elsa, Ana, and the cute snowman Olaf. As a matter of fact, she had watched the movie multiple times. OMG...

Because of that, we finally decided to have a Frozen-themed party but ensured to retain the simpleness based on our limited budget.  So we went to buy birthday cards, balloons, buntings, loot bags,  all designed in Frozen at Balloon World located at Uyanguren. Mind you, it's the only store I know that sells all birthday supplies at a very affordable price. Everything is cheap especially if you buy in bulk.

So here's the outcome of our one-week preparation just for tots.

Believe it or not, the cake is only worth 360 pesos, bought at bread factory NCCC. 
The Family
Auntie Arlyn serving foods to the kids.
The Kids

The 150-watt smile. hehe

One of the parlor games: Paper Dance
One of the parlor games: Trip to The Jerusalem
One of the parlor games: Pass the Balloon
Giving away of candies.
Giving away of loot bags.
Dinner with the neighbors.

So this is how we celebrate Chesska's 3rd birthday. It's all worth it despite the tiredness and preparation that we've been through. That's all folks. I hope you enjoy reading. Till then....

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