Because Yelling is Not Healthy At All

February 23, 2015
A couple of days ago, I burst into anger due to a very small reason.  My 3-year-old girl was busy playing her tablet while I was extremely busy catching up the household chores before the clock hit at 9:30 am.  My online job starts at 9:30, by the way. You see how my life goes almost everyday? Doing household chores, taking care my little one, and working at 9:30. I was like a wonder woman!


All of a sudden, I heard a big scream from my little girl (actually an annoying scream), murmuring that her tablet got lowbat. I said "I will get the tablet charged", and you could play again in 3-4 hours later until it will be fully charged. To keep her busy and not also to distract me with what I was currently doing, I temporarily handed her my phone.

Minutes later, she again screamed.  I approached to see what made her complain and then I found out the "YouTube" she was supposed to watch was buffering all the time. I explained in a gentle tone that the internet was very slow (though I knew she didn't understand what internet meant).  But again, she persistently complained and accidentally dropped my phone on the floor.

Out of  anger, I yelled at the top of my lungs.  I yelled not only because of the undesirable behavior she demonstrated, it's also because my phone dropped on the floor.  I have been fuming with exasperation, wanting to spank her.  My nerves were shaking all over. My tongue got sharp and so unkind, even I , couldn't believe I uttered those hurtful words which I won't mention anymore. She cried out loud and I got annoyed even more, so I pulled her hand going to her father who was currently working that time.

A few minutes later, my husband brought back my child to me but I said "please stay her away from me until I calm down". I went to our room to get some sleep trying to forget everything but it didn't help at all. I instead went to take a bath to cool me down, at least.  After that, I was a bit mesmerized. A remorse was suddenly felt deep inside me. I realized "OH MY,  WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MY LITTLE CHILD?" SHAME ON ME.

An evening later of the same day, I prayed and asked forgiveness from God. I confessed that I have sinned. I got angry easily. I lose my temper quickly. I asked for guidance, enlightenment, and most of all a longer patience. That's what I lack for now - PATIENCE, PATIENCE. I came to realize that yelling out of anger is not healthy especially yelling in front at the very young eyes of our child.  It's my fault, it's I who commits the sin, not my child. After all, she's just a toddler who needs quality time and extra understanding which I failed to give on that day.


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