How My Husband Got Me to Join "Truly Rich Club"

June 11, 2015
I don’t think I mention this to you before, but early this year, my husband, Ronan, whose new interest right now is investing into stocks  (while me is just waiting for his report of our gain, hehe ), had finally convinced me to join Truly Rich Club, founded by Bo Sanchez. (Good thing about Ronan is that he always consults me before he makes a financial decision because according to him "I am the boss!". Joke!)

Ok, let me share you a story. 

When I first heard about "Truly Rich Club", to be honest, I got intimidated.


, I don't consider myself rich, and currently living from a middle-class family (not so sure), to become Henry Sy, for exampleis a kind of hard to achieve. Second, I thought, in order to be a club member, you must be really, really rich. (Because it says nga, "TRULY RICH", toink!)

However, after learning TRC, where Ronan talks about it whenever he's got a chance, my perception about "being rich" has changed. It's because I used to associate "rich" with people having a Montero, plenty of money, expensive gadgetand extravagant lifestyle. But I was completely wrong! Not all people with those expensive possessions are signs of truly wealthy. Malay mo driver lng sya ng Montero? I am just joking.

But who are truly rich?

Of course, it's not required to be like Uncle Henry Sy and Lucio Tan (hehe) in order to be called rich. As for me, one can be considered rich when he's got a financial freedom.  This means, he doesn't need to worry about finances in the years to come because he just let his asset, investment, and passive income work for him even if he quits his 8-hour job. Thus, he can retire as early as he wants to without waiting 60 years old (which all of us assumed), afford to buy a car with cash for example (instead of a car loan), sustain his monthly expenses, be financially prepared when anything comes up unexpectedly or what we call “emergency”, take his family somewhere for a vacation, and most of all use his money to help others. 

But let's keep in mind" 

"The most obvious measurement of wealth is gratitude. Bo Sanchez"

Why did we join the club?

By joining the club, it was one of the smartest decisions of our life. EVER!  It helps good people become rich.  Because of the guidance we get from the Club, we're now faithfully investing in the Stock Market each month. Yes each month. Shocking, right? I wish we had known TRC long time ago so we could have invested in stock market when we were still young. We could probably have gained bigger than what have now. But I know it's not yet too late! YOU TOO!
Isn't it challenging?
It’s really amazing how we are personally growing in our finances. We are inviting you to join the Club too.  If you’re interested, click the link here. Listen to Bo explain what it is all about.  And email me if you have any questions.

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