September 24, 2015
Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is NOT intended as medical advice.  Please consult with a licensed medical professional if you have any questions or concerns related to your health situation.

How are you, moms?

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. It's because I was hospitalized a couple weeks ago (September 6 to be exact) due to miscarriage. Unfortunately, I lost my baby that is supposed to be my second child. Now I wanted to share with you what I went through during miscarriage. The information shared below, I think, is essential to all women most especially who are preparing or planning for pregnancy.

Let's begin...

My LMP (last menstrual period) was either first week or second week of July (Sorry, I am not brilliant in remembering dates). When I learned I was one-month delayed, I already concluded that I got pregnant. But I didn't bother to use the urine test, nor did I consult my OB to confirm my pregnancy. However,  my gut feelings told me that there was something wrong with my pregnancy. Because the first week of August, I felt stabbing pain in my abdomen that I thought I was going to have a monthly period. Strangely, it did not really happen as expected until a few more passing weeks. There were times the abdominal pain re-occurred though it was tolerable. Since I already missed my period for 7 weeks, I decided to ask my husband to buy two pregnancy tests to find out whether I was pregnant or not.

First Pregnancy Test - two clear lines appeared,  which means positive.

pregnancy test
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We were so elated of what we saw, so husband and I decided to schedule for an ultrasound with my OB on September 5. But prior to that day, evening, undesirable things happened. I found out some brown discharge/spotting, though it had never soaked my panty liner, but I was still terrified. Again I made my second pregnancy test, reassuring the baby was okay.

Second Pregnancy Test - one line is clear while the other one is somewhat faint.

Upon seeing it, we decided to consult my OB on the following day. I underwent TVS (transvaginal ultrasound). Yes,  the OB confirmed I was pregnant but I should have been more than 7 weeks based on her examination. She saw yolk sac, but no embryo detected, as well as the heartbeat. Also, while on TVS, my spotting began to get worse (I saw fresh, red blood already). But she did not tell me right away that I was going to miscarry my baby but sadly expressed the baby's development would not probably be good if the pregnancy continues. But she did not also suggest a D&C (raspa). She advised me to get back after one week for another ultrasound, take a complete bed rest and she prescribed Duphaston as pampakapit. But she said if the bleeding persisted and was heavy, I shouldn't wait any longer but go immediately to the emergency. Then on September 6 morning, I found out some blood clots already but I refused to go to emergency yet, hoping that what I went through was just normal. But in the late afternoon, I bled heavily accompanied with abdominal pain, much like dysmenorrhea. I then made up my mind to go to the hospital and the doctor told me I had to undergo D&C.

Sad to know that I miscarried my baby and it was a traumatic event. My doctor told me that stress, as well as food intake, have nothing to do with the miscarriage.  This type of occurrence is really common in one out of a hundred pregnant women.  In spite of that, I should take extra precautions, like my body should be in optimal health before planning for another conception to avoid the same problem in the future.

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