Frog Life Cycle

March 11, 2016
Today, I'm going to share with you our sensory play of the week, which is the frog life cycle. I must admit that this was not my original idea. When I first saw this idea from Angela Thayer, I decided to give it a try since Chesska is a big fan of Princess and the Frog story. But this activity is a little different than Angela Thayer's.

Here's what I used for the activity:

• large bin
• rocks
• soil
• frogs
• marbles for eggs
• leaves
• small and big frogs
• twig
• coloring
• clay for tadpoles

I had a hard time looking for tadpoles, eggs, and frogs anywhere at the store so I thought of using clay in place of tadpoles and marbles for eggs. After a long search of where to buy the frogs, I finally found adult frog at the Victoria Plaza. Bought small ones at Gaisano Mall, Toril.

To make the activity more fun, I invited Chesska's friends to play with her. I just let them play and use their imagination. I discussed briefly that frogs need to lay eggs in the water, else the eggs will die. I also talked about how the frogs change their appearance as they grow.

I cut out twig from our yard and had marbles in place of eggs sink in the water.

I created several tadpoles out of clay.

This is a fantastic activity to do outdoor with your preschooler. Try it out!
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