Creating Shapes with Marshmallows

February 05, 2016
Do your kids love marshmallow? Mine does too! Marshmallow is one of my child's favorite snacks so it can be more exciting if I would associate this to learning shapes. This idea is actually originated from Preschool Journey by Angela Thayer.

Since Chesska has prior knowledge about different shapes, I extended the concept learned where she would identify how many sides each shape has. First, I skewered the marshmallow with a toothpick. I did it myself for her to follow through because I knew that she wanted to try it, too!

Putting the marshmallow in the toothpick by herself will help exercise the small muscles in the fingers. But remember, this can be a little risky for toddlers to do that's why close adult supervision is needed.

While doing the activity, she took some marshmallows to nibble, and I can tell she's really having fun.

This kind of activity is very simple to do and less expensive. Make sure that the concept you want your kid to achieve will be met such as how many sides each shape has. Remember that it takes several days for some kids to absorb it depending on their skills. Practice makes perfect!

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