Best Formula Feeding for Babies

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I tried several brands of milk for my baby from birth to 1 year old. In the first 6 months, I gave her S-26 New Formula mixed with breastfeeding. This milk was adorably good because my baby grew incredibly fast, and when she reached 6 months, I gave her Promil New Formula from Wyeth. I chose this more than any other brands because I believed it enriched with nutrients closer to mother's milk. Though it is a bit costly but it is worth the price.

I switched to another brand when my baby turned 1 year. I knew, there's a Promil Supplement for 1-3 years old but, I rather chose Enfagrow A+ Gold for a change (read more about Enfagrow A+ Review). Enfagrow boasts of its higher DHA content, to help our child's brain development. DHA stands for Docosahexaenoic Acid, which plays a vital role in retinal and brain development. Moreover, this milk is easy to dissolve in cool water for it contains fine textures. My baby could defecate well, not only once but twice a day. Unlike other brands I had mentioned earlier, sometimes, she missed to defecate.

Why choose the right milk?

It's a wise decision to compare milks' nutrients and compare prices before you buy. Here's a complete list of milk brands which you can buy in any supermarkets near your vicinity.

Note: Every time I went to grocery to buy milk for my daughter, and when I had the opportunity, I checked out some milks ' prices and posted them here, so Mommies out there would have the chance to compare prices.

Alacta (0-6 months)800 grams367.50
Bonna  (0-6 months)
900 grams
Enfalac (0-6 months)900 grams916.80
Enfalac A+ Lactose Free (0-6 months)
900 grams1372
Nan Pro 1 (0-6 months)800 grams1009.80
Nestogen (0-6 months)900 grams406.45
Similac Plus Advance (0-6 months)850 grams1127.50
S-26 Infant Formula (0-6 months)900 grams1030.80
Alacta (6-12 months)800 grams369.35
Bonamil  (6-12 months)900 grams479.50
Enfapro A+ (6-12 months)900 grams1218.40
Nan HW 2  (6-12 months)800 grams941.00
Nestogen (6-12 months)900 grams402.00
Promil (6-12 months)900 grams910.40
S-26 gold Newborn (6-12 months)1.2kgs1344.50
Alactagrow (1-3 years)800 grams383.60
Bonnakid (1-3 years old)900 grams464.50
Bearbrand Jr  (1-3 years old)1000 kgs408.50
Enfagrow A+ (1-3 years old)900 grams907.60
Gain Plus Advance (1-3 years old)900 grams844.30
Lactum Choco(1-3 years old)900 grams479.50
Nan HW 3  (1-3 years old)900 grams989.50
Nestogen (1-3 years old)900 grams402.50
Nido 1+ (1-3 years old)1 kg554.50
Promil (1-3 years old)900 grams848.40
Pediasure (1-3 years old)900 grams1039.50
Progress Gold (1-3 years old)900 grams923.70

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Disclaimer: While I make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information, occasionally, one or more prices here may be incorrect due to typographical error or I may overlook the price while checking it from the store. Also note that prices may differ from one store to another store. 

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