Enfagrow A+ Review

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Enfagrow A+ review
My baby was breastfed since birth supplemented with formula.  My baby is now 2 years old, but still,  she is continually breastfed thrice a day (morning before she naps , afternoon, and before bedtime.) In addition to breastfeeding and formula feeding,  she also takes solid foods three times a day like what adults do.  Before I switched to Enfagrow A+, my baby was given first a different formula, however,  I found out that it did not dissolve well in cool water,  and some particles settled at the bottom,  which made me worry if my baby was getting enough nutrients from it. Since then, I change to  Enfagrow A+.

Like all formulas, Enfagrow has also pros and cons.  Based on my observation,  these are my pros and cons for this milk.

*  It has higher DHA content for rapid brain development.
*  Plenty of nutrients including Zinc, Iron, Prebiotics, Vit. A, and Vit. C 
*  It has very fine texture which is easy to dissolve even in cool water.
*  My baby can defecate well.
*  Her growth is normal (not overweight, not too skinny)
*  She is not sickly.
*  She has good skin and shiny hair.

* Pricey
* Packaging for 1.2 kgs and higher is in carton. I prefer can containers.

If you have additional review, feel free to leave your comments on the comment form below.

PS. I was overly busy for the past few weeks, and I apologized for not responding to your question/s quickly, one of which is - What is the size of the Enfagrow's scoop?  So I better attached the image here so everyone can see it. Thanks.

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