Camp Holiday Beach Resort in Samal

April 12, 2013
Are you planning for a classy getaway that fits to your budget? If your answer is yes, Camp Holiday is a perfect venue for any occasion without spending much. It is far different than the other resort,  simply for its mesmerising ambience which makes you forget the hustle and bustle of a city life.  It was not crowded, knowing that it was summer time the last we visited.  I loved their wide and greenish landscape, suitable for a  nature-lover person like me. I highly recommend  Camp Holiday for your "rest and recreation".

We stayed at their hotel on the second floor for P1800 pesos, with cable TV, nice bathroom, air-conditioned, and it has a little veranda with overlooking the beach.  It has also a swimming pool for kids and adults, and children's recreation area where the kids can play and enjoy.

Prices may range from:
  • Day Tour – Php 80.00/person (free use of open cottage and kid's pool)
  • Overnight – Php 150.00/person ( (free use of open cottage and kid's pool))
  • Private cottage – Php 1,500.00/night
  • Hotel – Php 1,800.00/night

Getting to Camp Holiday

Camp Holiday is conveniently located beside Samal Ferry Wharf, so you can immediately see it once you get off from the barge. Getting to Camp Holiday is stress-free since it is a few minutes away from Davao City. You can take a bus from Magsaysay Park which will go directly to Samal, Wharf, for 25 pesos. The bus will ride in the barge to cross the sea. But if you prefer to ride a Jeepney, you start off from G-Mall, you take a Sasa Route and get off in Sasa Wharf. It will take you a few minutes walk going to barge.Barge fare is 10 pesos only.

Driving Directions from Magsaysay Park to Sasa Wharf

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Driving Directions from Gaisano Mall to Sasa Wharf

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For inquiries, you may call @
Telephone #:
(082) 303-32-94/304-64-83;
Fax Numbers:
(082) 226-36-83; or

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