5 Smart Ways a Mom Can Save Money

Maternity check-up, hospital bills during delivery, vitamins, and supplements before and after pregnancy for a mother’s health maintenance are one of those essential expenses spent in the early stage of motherhood. What's next to this list? Well, expect more expenses especially in bringing up your baby’s needs. Infant milk, diapers, vaccines, vitamins, and other necessities will be already included in your budget.

Amidst life's difficulties, I embrace practical ways in order to economize expenses. Here are my true-to-life story tips.

1. Breastfeed your baby  

Why can’t you breastfeed your baby if you are able to do it? Home buddy moms can breastfeed anytime within 24 hours for her baby. Mother's milk is free of charge, nutritious, and strengthen the immune system of the baby more than spending money for formula milk which cut down your budget. For instance, the cheapest cost of a can of a formula milk is Php400.00 and your baby can consume this for a week-long, how expensively you will spend for it in a month? in a year? How costly, isn’t it?

Take a closer look for this computation:1 can of milk is 400 x 4 weeks (1 month) x 12 months (1 year) = P19,200

Imagine, you can save Php19, 200 by doing the regular breastfeeding at home, SEE?

2. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers at daytime

Honestly, I did this! I only use a disposable diaper at bedtime. During days, I use cloth diaper. This way, you can save 10 pesos or more a day. At least!

3. Avail free vaccines at the Health Center

Vaccines like BCG, OPV, Hepa B, DPT, Measles, HiB are quite expensive when you do the immunization at a private clinic/hospital. It will cost you more than Php15,000. Why not ask for available infant vaccines in any Health Center(s) in your community/barangay to avail the free vaccination. Basically, Health Centers will provide BCG, OPV, Hepa B, DPT, HiB, and Measles.

4. Avoid buying too many baby clothes 

Baby grows so fast in the early weeks. Don't waste your money buying a lot of baby clothes.  In fact, you will receive surprise baby stuff from Ninongs and Ninangs during baptismal and first birthday.

5. Always keep your baby clean and healthy  

Baby is vulnerable to rashes, colds, cough, diarrhea, and many other diseases and infections,  but these can be prevented when baby's surrounding is free from dirt, pollutants, and other irritants. Also, when baby's clothes are well-washed, bottles/feeding materials are well-sterilized, and toys are well-cleaned. Remember, medicines are very expensive!

How about you Moms? What are the steps you take in order to reduce your expenses? I'll be glad to hear your comments.

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