Bibibons- a nutritious finger food for Babies

Perhaps most of you have come across this in TV ads ,"Bibibons" , a 2-in-1 biscuit nibbler and cereal for 6 to 24 months old babies. What makes "Bibibons" interesting to me is that,  it can be a "finger food" for teething babies,  and the fact that my 18-month-old baby girl didn't like cereal at all, so I thought she might like this food.

I listed down the brand's name in my shopping list so not to be forgotten for our next grocery schedule. When at the grocery store, I spotted Bibibons at the baby's section along with the other cereals.  The price is only 36 pesos, much cheaper than the other cereals.

Before I decided buying this product, I first checked the nutrition facts as what I usually did with the other biscuits. I'm a bit meticulous when it comes to my baby's nutrition,  as much as possible,  no junk foods, instant noodles, sugary foods, hotdogs, etc.

Back to Bibibons......

You know what has been labeled in this biscuit's packaging? It says,  "with DHA and Taurine". I learned before how these essential supplements play an important role in child's brain development, so It made me decide to buy,  and also it is good to TRY!

I told you earlier that my baby didn't like the taste of cereals. She felt like vomiting.  When I gave her this biscuit, she enjoyed eating and consumed the biscuits fast. Each pack contains 6 biscuits. 

For mommies who are meticulous like me, and want to know more the nutrition facts of Bibibons, I will write it here for you.

Bibibons Nutrition Facts






Dietary Fiber
Vitamin A Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C
Pantothenic Acid
Folic Acid



Sodium  Iron

Bibibons Feeding Suggestions:

1. As Instant Cereal - for babies aged 6-8 months, dissolved the biscuits in hot or warm water.

2. As Finger Foods -  if babies have teeth by this time, normally from 9 months onwards, then Bibibons can be served as finger foods.

I am now at peace when I knew that I just gave the right food for my baby.

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