How Triking Benefits my Child

July 24, 2013

Babies grow faster than we'd like to think. As they grow older, they have milestones to discover and achieve to develop their gross motor skills,  by engaging them through stimulating and age-appropriate games and activities.

One activity that makes my baby enjoy every morning and afternoon is through riding her trike.  It is undeniable that riding a vehicle whether a bicycle or a tricycle can bring a lot of fun not only for adults, but for our kids as well.  Showing them the world allows them to explore their surroundings - seeing a kitten, bumping into a dog, meeting people along the way, smelling fresh air, and developing their visual skills by seeing flowers, trees, and plants.  For adults on the other hand, it can be a stress-reliever.  

Before taking your toddler out into a ride, always keep in mind safety precautions. The type of trike you must buy is appropriate to her age and ability. The type of trike (three-wheeled vehicle) I bought for my child has a seat belt and a parent's handle.  My baby cannot pedal yet,  so in the meantime, I push her trike to roam around our place. As soon as she learns balancing and has mastered pedaling , then I can detach already the handle. 

Benefits of Riding a Trike for your Toddler

a. Minimize tantrums. Some toddlers throw a fit when they get bored. Let them try something new like taking her into a trike.
b. Develop motor skills like balancing and coordination of  hands, feet, and eyes.
c. Socialize with other peers whom he meets along the way.
d. Strengthen the bond between you and your toddler.
e. Breathe in fresh air.
f. Develop self-confidence.

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