What does "Nam-Nam" mean for babies?

September 25, 2013

Chesska would mumble "Nam-Nam" when got  hungry or even thirsty.  Can you relate? Or maybe, your baby has another way of saying it (whatever...),  but generally most babies would say "Nam-Nam", when hunger struck them.  Now you know that for some babies, "Nam-nam" is pertaining to "tsibog"- eat or nibble, so you must get ready to hand her foods.

My baby is now 19 months old, and she is fond of tasting foods of any kind. Typically, most babies at this age are picky-eaters, but the truth is opposite for my baby.  She likes nibbling foods for as long as approves by her taste buds. Mostly, I provided her natural, homemade foods, or from our family meal so she could get used of the taste. These are C's foods from the most favorite to the least favorite.

baby and solid foods

a. Boiled Egg
b. Champorado - a sweet chocolate rice porridge
c. Arozz-caldo - or congee 
d. Potato Fries
e. Shredded Cooked Fish
f. Shredded Cooked Chicken
g. Biscuits particularly Bibibons, Eggnog, Bread Stick
h. Rice with soup
i. Fruits
j. Vegetables like carrots, squash, and potato

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