2nd Birthday Plan - KFC or McDonalds?

How time flies! It seems like it just happened yesterday when Chesska was a baby, and soon in January, she will be turning two.  Chesska's first birthday was just held at our home, and from our experience, it was so tiring. So my husband and I have decided to look for another venue. Weeks ago, I got a chance going to downtown, and  I was able to drop by on two popular food chains here in Davao namely KFC which is situated along Quirino and Mc Donalds in Matina nearby MTS so I would be able to know the details about their birthday party packages. I also asked flyers from both of them, and I would like to share these with you.

KFC Birthday Packages:

You have two options to choose from.  Their Regular Party Fee is P 3, 500 for 30 pax, while Total Package Fee is 4, 500 including loot bags, themed game prizes, other amenities, cake, mascot, party decor, sound system, and hosting.  Take note: Foods are not yet included. (see a flyer below)

Presenting to you their LOOT BAGS...

Menu Packages

Kids Meal Package 1  (160.00)

* Spaghetti
*Reg. Fun Shots
*Reg. Drink
* Ice Cream Cup

Kids Meal Package2 (180.00)

*Spaghetti w/ 1-pc Chicken
*Reg. Drink
* Ice Cream Cup

Adult Meal Package 3 (150.00) - Fully Loaded Meal

*1-pc Chicken w/ Rice
*Macaroni, Brownies
*Mushroom Soup
*Reg. Drink

Adult Meal Package 4 (178.00)

* 1-pc Chicken w/ Rice
* Garden Salad
* Reg. Drink

Adult Meal Package 5 (213.00)

* Pasta Bowl
* 1-pc Chicken w/Rice
* Reg. Drink
* Spoonfuls

It's time for McDonalds

I used to get Mcdonalds during Christmas party with my students way back teaching years. So their birthday packages are no longer foreign to me.

McDo Birthday Packages: 
McDonalds offers different Food Mix, and for a minimum of 10 guests, you will get party hats, loot bags, balloons plus party hosting. Themes, cake, and mascot are not yet included from their Birthday Packages.

Menu Packages

Food Mix 1
* 150/guest
*Cheeseburger with Spaghetti
* Regular Drink

Food Mix 2
* 175/guest
* 1-pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti
* Regular Drink

Food Mix 3
* 175/guest
*1-pc Chicken McDo with Rice and Fries
*Regular Drink
* Happy Meal Toy

Food Mix 4
*Mc Spaghetti
* Burger McDo
* Fries
*Regular Drink
*Happy Meal Toy

Finally, the winner is KFC. Though their birthday packages are little expensive but we want something newer,  more unique and more surprising to the kids.

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