Mini-Vacation at Davao Eden Garden and Nature Park Resort

Due to our tedious work and busy life, my husband and I thought of a cozy vacation to treat ourselves once in a while and to dedicate our time exclusively with our daughter, Chesska. Why not we'll spare our vacation at Eden,  we thought.  Also, our 3rd wedding anniversary was approaching so it was a double-fun celebration - family vacation and wed anniversary.  One month before November 15 (our wedding anniversary), I went to MTS,  where the Eden office was located,  to book a room good for 4 persons.(my husband and I, my daughter Chesska, and my mother). Great! Eden had offered as much as 50% off on rooms, so I had no second thoughts of availing it. I chose Aster room good for 2 persons plus you can add one more extra bed. My 2-year-old baby is free.  Here's the price.

Aster Room:
Weekday Rates - 1, 620   extra bed - 825
Weekend Rates - 1, 700   extra bed  - 825

Inclusions: dinner, breakfast, complimentary entry to the swimming pool and fishing village.

Downside: Aster room doesn't have its own comfort room. Bathrooms and showers are common for Aster's guests.

Getting to Eden Garden Resort...

It was a chilly afternoon when we departed from our home at Bago Gallera going to Eden.  We hailed a taxi for a fixed rate ("pakyaw system") for 400 pesos. Not bad. Some taxi drivers would ask bigger than that amount, so we took the deal without further hesitations. Bago Gallera is just 5 minutes away from Toril, so we reached Eden Garden at 1:30 pm,  about 30-minute travel.

Savoring the moments with my family..  (Nov. 16, 2013, @1:45 PM)

Since we wanted to maximize our time and experience the nature,  we immediately headed to our room to leave our baggage, and we jumped off right away to different activities. First, we toured the site for 85 pesos per person via the resort's shuttle. It brought us to various spots, where we took nice pics at every stop.

First stop: Flower Garden

Second Stop: Amphitheater

 Behind The Rainbow Pass

Third Stop: Tinubdan

Tinubdan (Cebuano term) means origin or root. This spot showcased different tribes of Mindanao, customs, herbal plants used by the tribes, and their so-called payag (hut out of bamboo). Take a look...



Side Pics....

 I was able to capture pics while the shuttle was running.

Lettuce Garden...

Other Vegetation....

Once-in-a-lifetime-Adventure - Horseback Riding

After our shuttle tour, we headed to another resort's area where horseback riding took place. It was so distant from our hotel, so we requested a shuttle to bring us there and at the same time to fetch us. (it's all free for hotel's guests only)

Yum, Yum, Yum Time 

There was so much food to choose from since the meal was in the buffet format. Should I have dessert first? or  garden salad? or pasta? Well, all you have to do is pick, pick, and pick as many as you can.

Dinner is ready...

Sumptuous Breakfast....

Wonderful Morning (Nov. 17, 2013)

There's nothing more exciting than experiencing the wonderful morning at Eden. We could hear the birds' chirping,  trees' swaying with the breeze which made the place even chillier. Huh! Love to breathe the oxygen that slowly entered my nostril up to my whole system.

Feels like swimming into an ice-cold water

Water at Eden was extra-mega-cold. So we spent only for 30 minutes dipping into the water.

Extra itineraries....

Right after swimming, we maximized our remaining time by trekking and capturing pics....

Fishing Village....

Butterfly Garden....

 Trekking into Man-Made Jungle

Adventure Ride called Indiana Jones

Mesmerizing!  Relaxing! Amazing! Stress-relieving! What else should I say to describe our overnight-stay at Eden Garden Resort? Nothing more, I thought. Two thumbs up for Eden Garden Resort.

To sum up our expenses in pesos:

Aster Room ------------------------------------------2, 525.00
*Inclusions: dinner, breakfast, complimentary 
entry to the swimming pool and fishing village.

Fare (back and forth)
* Taxi to Eden ----------------------------------------400.00
* Tricycle to Home (60 /head x 3 pax)----------------150.00

Shuttle Tour (85/head x 3 pax )------------------------255.00
Horseback Riding (85/head x 2 pax)------------------170.00
Total Expenses: ------------------------------------ 3,500.00


I would like to share with you their Day Tour Packages and Other Amenities.

Day Tour Packages
Buffet Lunch 
* Adult -----------------------------------------------520.00
*Child (ages 4-10)------------------------------------330.00

*Child (ages 4-10)-------------------------------------170.00

Recreational Activities
* Guided Shuttle Tour ----------------------------------120.00
*Sky Rider ---------------------------------------------150.00
*Horseback Riding--------------------------------------85.00
* Entrance to the Fishing Village -------------------------40.00
* Swimming Pool
     - Adult ----------------------------------------------80.00
     - Child ----------------------------------------------55.00

Reservations Office is located at:

Matina Town Square
McArthur Highway, Matina
Davao City, Philippines
Tel. Nos: +63 82 299-1020, +63 82 296-0791
Fax: +63 82 299-0313
Mobile No.: +639189307590

Questions? Feel free to use my contact form here, or you may leave your comments/questions below.


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