Five Essential Steps of Skin Care

During my pregnancy period , I suffered from unwanted skin issues such as darkening of forehead, armpit, neck, and much worse my abdomen, which almost all pregnant women went through due to hormonal changes. However, right after giving birth, skin discoloration did not completely disappear. Some warts are becoming more obvious. So I tried using different kinds of product on my skin, but seemed ineffective. Until I met someone, a Mary Beauty Consultant, who invited me to join to their free facial session located at Philam Bldg., Ground Floor,  along Rizal St. Without a doubt, I accepted the invitation since I wanted to know what skin care products would fit my skin type. My only main concern was that I wanted my blemishes on my face would be, at least,  minimized. I didn't concern much on my stretch marks, anyway,  I could hide them..hehe

While at the facial session, the Beauty Consultant Director, explained first the basics of skin care,  before introducing the Mary Kay products. She stressed  that there are 5 essential steps in caring a skin.

1. Cleanse twice daily. Whether you like it or not, each day,  you have been exposed to dirt, dusts, pollutants, and other impurities,  so you need to cleanse your skin. It is recommended to cleanse your skin before going to bed. Don't sleep with your make-up still on.

2. Exfoliate two to three times a week. There are dead cells that build up in our skin which simple cleansing cannot remove. So using exfoliating products can eliminate dead cells that block the pores and dull the skin.

3. Freshen - Have you ever noticed that some parts of your face are darker, and some parts are brighter? Some parts in your forehead are oily,  and some parts are dry? Your skin tone is not even. Well, most cleansing and exfoliating products can help even out your skin tone.

4. Moisturize once to twice daily. I have just learned that lack of moisture can cause wrinkles. Oily skin is less likely prone to wrinkles since it produces plenty of moisture, while dry skin is vulnerable to wrinkles for it lacks moisture. So it is recommended for dry skin person to lavish moisturizer to add more glow to the skin.

5. Protect as needed- protect the skin from sun and environmental stressors through the use of foundation and sunblock. Foundation can prevent dirt from entering your pores that cause pimples,  while sunblock can protect skin from UV rays that cause sunburn and other skin issues.

"Aha" Moments...

After the facial session, I came to realize that my beauty routines were incorrect. Mary Kay has given me the right direction what steps I should take to improve my skin. On my recent post, I reveal what Mary Kay products I've been using.

Final Words...

None of us wants to look old and wrinkled? Right? Pampering your skin is like pampering your baby.  It needs extra care and attention in order to have great and baby-looking skin.

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