Finally... Got a new tag line for my Mommy Blog..

July 07, 2014
Noticed anything new on my blog? If you are a regular visitor, you'll probably see it.  I have just rebranded my site by changing the design and tagline (the one you see beside the social icons, far left ) to sum up who I am as a blogger and what I write about.

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Frankly, it has been two years before I finalized my tagline. Can you imagine how long it was? It is not because my brain was processing very slow (ha!). It is because most taglines that I wanted were already owned by fellow mommy blogs.(You see, how many mommy blogs worldwide. Hundreds? Thousands?)  Like for example, I first thought, "Diary of a First Time Mom", but then when I searched over the internet, this was already gotten.  Even my second idea, third idea, and so on, were already taken. You see, how we think exactly?

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To make sure I won't be accused of "copycat", I should have come up with something unique based on who I am. Because of that, I get to combine my experiences in both areas of my life: as a previous Math teacher and a chess player.

Here's the list.

Taglines inspired from Teaching Idea:

  • Firstime Mom's Lessons and Plans (which is connected to Lesson Plan)
  • Firstime Mom's Corner (like Assignment Corner)
  • Even a Firstime-Mom can make a Difference! (Difference is related to Math)
  • Educational tips from a Firstime Mom
  • ABC of Motherhood

Taglines inspired from Chess:

  • Good Moves and Blunders of a Firstime Mom
  • A Novice Mother.. (Just like a beginner in Chess)
  • Challenges of Motherhood.. One “good move” at a time…
  • Promoted as a Mom..Taking the Challenge..One "good move" at a time.
  • Motherly Attacks (Like Chess Attack)

Among the taglines I have just mentioned, one tagline emerged as the "winner". 

Promoted as a Mom..Taking the Challenge..One "good move" at a time.

Upon contemplating for this tagline, I noticed that it's too long, so I separated the phrases to make them two lines. One is the main title and the other one is the tagline. Here it is...

Promoted as a Mom.. - (title tag)

Taking the Challenge..One "good move" at a time. (tagline)

I guess, you need to know why I chose this. Technically, the terms used are from chess, however, even you are non-chess players, you would easily understand the terms. Still, here's the explanation.

a. First is Promotion- it is a Chess term that when a pawn (which has the lowest value among the pieces) reaches the 8th rank of the opponent's side, it can be promoted into any pieces. Queen, Rook, Knight, and Bishop (these have higher values than pawn).

Promotion is not only true with chess or even with career, but it is also true with individual status: from single to married. Right? The only promotion with no salary received, yet only received pure love.

b. Second is "Taking the Challenge". Like a brain-wracking chess game, motherhood is not an easy challenge.  Motherhood is the biggest challenge that every woman should prepare for - pregnancy stage, giving birth, child care, budgeting, and a lot more.. I am a type of gal who embraces challenges.

c. Lastly, "Good Moves". In chess, a player always aspires to win, hence, every move she makes should always be a good move for her advantage.

Does this have connection with mothering? Definitely! Mother not only knows best, but also does best for the welfare of her child.

Well, the original plan was only to make a tagline, but then, as I have mentioned earlier, the chosen tagline was very long so I better include a title tag.

How do you like my new title and tagline?  I humbly ask your opinion by leaving your comments below.


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