Hunting "Green Wedding Motif Combo" Online

March 31, 2015
A friend of mine once suggested that I would pick green as my wedding motif for it is the lucky color for the year.

It's not because my friend suggested the said color then I would also devotedly follow.  It's because green has something to do with my personality.

First, green symbolizes ecology which has connection of my being a nature-lover gal.

Green also represents peace and contentment. I am the type of person who has aversion to disagreements, quarrels, and conflicts. As much as possible, I want a stress-free life.

Those are a few things about me that have connection with green.

And speaking of wedding motif, green finally ended up as my top pick.

However, green has many relatives (hehe).

So I found myself searching online about wedding motif using green. So,  I saw mint green, lime green, dark green, emerald green and the like.

Here are my top picks.

1. Mint Green, with a Combination of Gold, and Peach

Photo Credit: Click Here

2. Lime Green with a Combination of White

Photo Credit: Click Here

3.  Apple Green with a Combination of White

Photo Credit: Click Here

4.  Emerald Green with a combination of White, Ivory or Coral 

Photo credit: Click Here

5.  Lime Green with a Combination of Fuchsia and Black

Photo Credit: Click Here

6.  Apple Green with a Combination of Purple and White

Photo Credit: Click Here

7. Green with a Combination of Yellow and White

Photo Credit: Click Here

Ahh. They are all pretty good but I am still undecided which color combo stands out the most.  I would love to play around with three color combinations, lime green as the main color since I have just rented dresses for my bridesmaids and flowers girls last Saturday.

Our venue will be at Eden Garden Toril, and obviously we are surrounded by nature. And I want colors that will complement with the earth tone.  I have only two weeks left to decide which color combo looks simple yet elegant and fab.

Help me choose.

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