The Wedding Budget

As the queen of practicality, we try to keep our church wedding as simple as possible.  First thing first is to consider the wedding budget.

I was being upfront with my husband by telling him,  if you wish to have a lavish wedding, "better forget the wedding". Or if you will borrow money just to impress others, "better forget me (hehe)"

Starting a married life with debts is terrible, and I don't want that to happen. Though we have been together for 5 years under one roof, we try to keep our life debtless.

I know my husband will completely agree with me because he himself is a king of frugality.  That is actually our common denominator.

So during our talk, we first decided to prepare a budget of 50k. But after breaking down all the details, we found out that we fell short. So we stretched the budget a bit to 70k including the contingency funds.

We only invited 32 guests and they were all families and the closest relatives from both sides because we just wanted the most intimate, simplest, and the most exclusive-experienced wedding.

We decided not to invite friends and co-workers. However, we told them beforehand so they would not be offended.

Let me share with you the detailed breakdown of our wedding budget.

As you can see, a large amount of our budget went to Virgin delos Remedios church for the process of our requirements alone. I was surprised that our payment would not include the choir and decor.  As I compared notes from Sto. Rosario Toril, they should have been included.

In my opinion, we should have paid much lesser amount because we are the ones following up and climbing up the mountain where St. Michael is situated. It appears to me that I double-pay for the church.

Well, I didn't complain. It all just left me hanging.

Also, if you notice,  we didn't allot budget for rings because we would just re-use our old rings used during civil ceremony. Nor we have budgets for invitations, giveaways, and cake. I told you it's not an old-fashioned and traditional wedding (hehe).

Lastly, since husband and I are not showy nor fans of corny things, we decided not to have wedding programs. We will just enjoy the remainder of the day for postnup and the guests will also enjoy nature-hopping, swimming, and eating in the eat-all-you-can buffet. I am pretty sure Eden garden will not disappoint them. hehe

That is all folks.

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