Homeschooling Week 3: Number Concepts

July 10, 2015
It's hard to believe I'm a Math teacher once again. How's your week by the way?

In the last week, I've taught my child fine motor skills almost everyday.  If you haven't had the chance to read my previous post , check it out here. You see how important fine motor skills are to get your child ready for writing.

Since I wanted to strengthen Chesska's fine motor skills, I gave her more activities and at the same time incorporated Number Concepts on it . But before anything else, let me share you what are the learning competencies preschoolers must know about Number Concepts before they enter Kindergarten. I' m unsure whether these competencies are aligned with DepEd's (I guess not) since I just followed what's in the Ebook (US curriculum) that I bought two weeks ago .

Via: Preschool Journey by Angela Thayer

a. Count to 20
b. Count Objects With Meaning to 10 (matching objects to a corresponding number)
c. Match Numerals
d. Identify numerals 0-10 by name.

Though Chesska has prior knowledge and skills on counting and identifying numerals from 1-20 (in fact she's super advanced na!) by letting her watch videos and nursery rhymes related to numbers starting age one,  I still provide her activities to reinforce concepts already learned.

This week, I focused more on counting objects with meaning . Aside from the Ebook, I also came across tons of activities online using Montessori approach and thought of utilizing some of them in our homeschooling to keep Chesska busy and at the same time make learning fun.

Take a look of these activities that may help you teach your child about counting.

I really admired this idea. I used to think that clothespin is only for clothes , but it's super useful specially if a child can't express answers yet in writing.  On this activity, I have her count the Frozen, Nemo, and Dinosaur characters since she's a big fan of them. Then she placed a clothespin on the correct number . Motor skills have been integrated as well.

Idea from: Preschool Journey by Angela Thayer

One way to make the child grasp the concepts more easily is through manipulatives. I used computation box made of wood which I bought at the mall for 145.  I have her identify the number laid on the table and ask her how many sticks should be placed to that number . As soon as she masters this concept, I may start introducing basic addition, then subtraction.

Every time I bring out a new activity, Chesska always gets excited. The concept is similar above but in another variation. Since Chesska loves stickers as much as she loves stars, and when I first found this idea online, I immediately used it. You can download stickers  here. 

Idea from: Preschool Journey by Angela Thayer

Last but not the least, Number Match activity. Chesska is averse to writing but loves matching-type test.  We'll frequently do this not only to enrich the concept learned but also to practice her fine motor skills like writing.

I hope you find this post helpful and feel free to leave your comments below.

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