The Simplest 4th Birthday Celebration

January 25, 2016

Only the Sophia-inspired tarpaulin looks fabulous but, I swear,  the celebration was entirely simple.

It has now been a week since we celebrated Chesska's 4th birthday. Sorry, I lost track to keep you updated due to my tight schedule. I now remember that I am regularly sharing Chesska's birthday each year,  so I never miss the opportunity today (since I am 2-hour free) to share with you my tot's 4th birthday last week.

Of all Chesska's birthdays, I guess, this was the simplest birthday celebration ever. Unlike on her 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays, I really exerted tons of effort mentally, physically and financially where I almost ran out of money and energy.  This time around, I came to the point to just celebrate Chesska's birthday in more practical ways, far off from the usual (bongga) celebration.  I see to it that birthday is being celebrated with sentimental value rather than material worth.

The first thing my husband and I did as soon as she woke up on January 14th was kiss and greet her Happy Birthday. We reminded her that "today is your 4th birthday, and whenever I ask you how old are you?", you must answer I am four years old".  She nodded without complaint (hehe).

Here are the most memorable things we did on Chesska's birthday.

As early as 6: am, we attended the first mass at Santo Rosario church to thank God for everything. 
Then before lunch, as promised, I brought her to Wonderland playhouse because she kept begging us, weeks before her birthday that she wanted to play there.
As if she owned the entire playhouse for she was the first kid to arrive. 

You see? She got tired playing and just lay down on the floor to drink her milk. 
In the evening, mom and I prepared some foods for people of 10 who we invited for dinner, mostly neighbors.

Opening her one and only gift from us.

This was the least stressful birthday celebration ever, yet the most memorable one.

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