What convinced us to enroll Chesska at San Pedro College Basic Education?

June 21, 2016
I have been dreaming of sending my daughter to a prestigious and competitive school. Our first pre-school option for Chesska was to enroll her at Precious International School of Davao at Matina crossing. I have been hearing a lot of good things about Precious. One of which is students are required to speak English in the campus. But upon knowing the heavy traffic during peak hours, and during school days - usually begins in the morning - it turned me off. I cannot guarantee the condition of our old car to get through heavy traffics, fearing it may get broken in the middle of the road anytime. It will be a total mess, haha.! Also, trying to commute daily can be exhausting for my 4-year old.

Let me tell you the important reasons why we enrolled Chesska at San Pedro College.

1. Convenient Location

Upon weighing the options between Precious and San Pedro, the latter is much nearer to our house. San Pedro is located at Ulas, just 15-minute ride from Bago Gallera where we live. On the other hand, a trip to Precious will take us for about 40 minutes in a moderate traffic. See the convenience?

2. Modern Facilities

San Pedro just started its operation in 2012 (if I am not mistaken).  As you can see, the school's facilities are almost all new and the environment looks refreshing which can help students learn effectively. That's why when we first visited San Pedro to check its facilities, we were already inclined to enroll Chesska there.

Fasten your belt as I tour you around the school's exterior. 
San Pedro College Basic Education Building
Pathway going to the main entrance.

Wide playground
Ronan and Chesska using the pathway to stay away from the scorching heat of the sun
State-of-the-Art gymnasium
More tables in front of the canteen
 Another school playground 
School's canteen
Parents queuing as they claim their children's books  
School's interior:

Ronan and Chesska looking for the prep-2 classroom
Chapel where students can pray and reflect
School's clinic with attending nurse
Numerous student's locker
Finance and Registrar's Office
Selection of vending machines 
Healthy snacks vending machine
Clean comfort room for girls

3.  Integrate Christian Values to the Curriculum, not merely Pure Academic. 

Aside from it's Catholic, which is one of the factors that I enrolled Chesska in San Pedro, the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the school have convinced us to enroll Chesska in the said school. In fact, when I personally accompanied my child throughout the first week of classes, I noticed how the students were courteous, organised, and disciplined. The school has also read scriptures daily before the classes begin.

4. Preschool Classroom is Conducive to Learning

This is precisely the ideal classroom I wanted to have for my 4-year old. The pleasant ambience can effectively contribute to the learning of the child.

Air-conditioned classroom, proper lighting, and tidy classroom
Attractive walls painted with different animals and characters
Small and colourful workstations 
Spacious classroom so students can move comfortably
Nice bulletin board
That is so far I have in mind why I enrolled Chesska in San Pedro College. For me, student and teacher's good relationship is more important and has more impact and long-lasting effect on the child's academic and social development. I overheard that their preschool teacher is still new and when I first observed her during the first day of classes, she didn't show a "motherly approach" to the young children as what I expected her to be (maybe she's shy to talk with us yet). Well, I will give her a benefit of the doubt. I wish she can help my daughter develop her self-confidence and overcome her shyness as the days go by. I know, it will take a while.

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