Chesska's First Day of School

June 07, 2016
Preschool class has just officially started this week in San Pedro College Grade School Department, and I am proud to announce that I am now a parent of a pre-schooler (hehe). And definitely, there is a huge change in our daily schedule from sleeping time to eating time to bath time and the like. Let me share you my first-hand experience during the first day of class.
Nobody likes to be woken up especially when you are in a sound sleep. But we have no choice but to wake up as early as 5 am. Chesska was used to staying up late, but we just reminded her to sleep early just a couple of nights ago. I know, it takes a while for Chesska to adapt the new schedule. We should have trained her one month before the class begins. It's our fault anyway.
Chesska usually whines every time Ronan wakes her up especially if she's still sleepy. But earlier, we didn't have a hard time getting her up but in order to get her senses active, I turned on the TV and bottle-fed her right away. Chesska is still not weaned from the bottle so feeding time is really time-consuming. It took her 30 minutes to finish her milk.

Chesska also hates morning bath. She hates cold water or having her hair washed. So I had to mix warm water for her to go bathing.
Feeding time has always been a challenge. Preparing foods that suit to her appetite has been more challenging. Chesska is picky and slow eater. She's only enticed to eat if there's something new prepared on the table. As much as I want to avoid processed food as hotdog, I was forced to prepare it! But as soon as, she gets used to breakfast, I will try to prepare a variety of healthy foods. Feeding time will take 20-30 minutes.
As I have just mentioned, I am mainly concerned of how to wake Chesska up early in the morning so we can have ample time preparing everything before we leave the house at 6:45 am to avoid traffic congestion during peak hours. Luckily, our trip was very smooth as I noticed that only a few schools have just started their classes. I expect heavy traffic by next week.
Yes, I am excited but at the same time anxious of how my child behaves in school. We all know that first day of school can be scary for little ones especially if you introduce them into a situation where they are not yet ready. Though I have been schooling Chesska for several months but interacting with teachers and classmates is definitely another story.  So at the moment, I will have to accompany my child to school up to Friday so she can adjust with the new learning set-up.
We arrived early in the school. Suffice to say, the room is very attractive and conducive to learning. In fact, Chesska made a funny pose as I took picture of her.
But as soon as her other classmates arrived, she started to become shy. Some of them were roaming around and getting along with others while Chesska was just sitting on her chair, holding me tightly not to leave her alone.
But when the teacher instructed us, parents, to go out, she became teary-eyed. She told me "Mama don't go out". But I have to do so, not only because it was the teacher's instruction, it's because I want to teach her independence. But good to know, she didn't go hysterical, unlike the other boy who cried at the top of his voice when his mama left him. As I peeped through the door glass, I saw that she was so anxious, uncomfortable,  and just observing things around her. On dismissal time, I asked the teacher how Chesska behaved throughout the period, she said Chesska didn't respond to their questions nor participate in the activities. I told her "maybe teacher she is still adjusting to the new environment". The teacher just gave me a nod.

I am hoping that my child will overcome her shyness and fear. I am also hoping that the teacher will do something to motivate my child to participate and develop her self-confidence. I am looking forward to positive results as my child enters into a new milestone - the preschool years.

How about you mom, how's your first day of school?

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