An Open Letter to the Teacher

July 07, 2016

We survived one month of regular schooling! But it was not as smooth as I expected!

All along, I thought my 4-year-old daughter, Chesska,   finds big school more enjoyable for she can already gain new friends to mingle and play with. Though she's not a kind of kid who usually takes the first step to make friends. When it comes to the academic side, I believe that she can keep up with her other classmates because she has been home-schooled since last year. I mean, she's no longer new to holding a pen, answering worksheets, coloring, counting, and writing so I am quite confident that she will not be left behind.

However, the issue does not lie there!

Throughout the first week of school, I always accompanied her inside the classroom so she would somewhat feel comfortable with the new place. I even approached her classmates, introducing her name and setting up a play with them (since the teacher is not yet around).   But every time the bell rang and it was time to leave her in the classroom by herself, she started to be anxious. She even begged me to stay with her.  But I told her "mama is just outside watching you, ok?" Then during dismissal, I would find time to talk with her teacher how Chesska was doing, she said Chesska was so quiet and never talked when asked. I oriented the teacher that Chesska is a shy girl, just motivate her to participate.

On the second week, each time Chesska arrived home, I consistently checked how's her school. She gleefully mentioned that they sing and dance (with action). But what bothered me was when she said "mama teacher got angry, she said likes this "grrr" (with gigil action)". "Maybe you and your classmates were misbehaving, that's why teacher was angry", I said.   But I was elated when she began to share stories.

However, during the parent's orientation of the same week, the teacher told me that Chesska had finally a close friend but she and her classmate were running around the classroom so I reprimanded them. At the top of my head, I remember what Chesska relayed to me the other day when the teacher made gigil (having a hard time controlling oneself out of frustration), which I presumed the teacher was angry at my daughter when she and her classmate were running around. But I never confronted her about that. I just let it pass because I understand her. I had been a teacher myself after all.

But on the third week, I already heard Chesska refuse to go to school. Oftentimes,  she would say with a frowning face "Mama Enough School (na), tired Chesska". But I rather chose to ignore her as If we didn't hear her complaints and tried to divert the stories into something else.  But several times in the morning before going to school she would always try to insert in our conversation "I want mama sit with me in school".  As usual, I reasoned out why I couldn't go with her inside the classroom but assured her that everything will be alright eventually.

As the days went by, the situation seems to get worse. Her teacher relayed to my mother that Chesska cried during her class and she didn't know the reason behind. My gut feeling told me that there was something else that had happened so I didn't hesitate to write the teacher a letter.

Just correct the grammar (na lng) because it was hurriedly done.

Dear Teacher,


My mother, who fetches Chesska in school, informed me that Chesska was crying during your class last week.  Chesska arrived home with a disturbing behavior and when I checked her snack, she didn’t even touch it.  I also couldn’t  figure out the reason/s because she wouldn’t tell me. Will you please take a little time from your busy schedule the reasons of crying?

a  Was she bullied in the classroom?
b. Do you think she is just anxious from being away from us (parents)?
c. Was she unable to make friends?
d. Was she embarrassed?
e. Did she feel OP (out-of-place)?
f. Did she feel intimidated?

Please note that Chesska always arrives at school before 7:00 am. There might have been things that had happened that you didn’t know.

Also, two weeks ago until now, she kept begging us that she didn’t want to go to school anymore. This happened when parents were no longer allowed to accompany their children inside the classroom. We have already used all our resorts just to convince her to attend school. Sometimes it is frustrating! I believe that Chesska can keep up academically, perhaps, she has still difficulty adjusting to the new environment and socializing with her classmates and teachers as well.

Kindly contact us immediately if her behavior persists such as crying, anxiousness, feeling of intimidation, or whatever you may have observed
If you advise her to see a guidance counselor for further behavioral assessments or whatever interventions you may want to do to improve her behavior,  just text me or send me a note. We are willing to talk with you or with the guidance counselor in the soonest possible time.

Thank you very much!

Truly yours,


I figured that Chesska may have been frightened when she was reprimanded by her teacher but I can't jump to a conclusion right away until she will respond to my letter or set a talk with me. I will let you know.

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