Great Job Chesska!

July 28, 2016
In my previous posts, I mentioned about how Chesska struggled on the first day of school. I also wrote a letter to the teacher, requesting her to find out why Chesska cried during her class which happened during the fourth week of June and making an appointment for a parent-teacher conference. But prior my talk with the teacher, I suspected that my child was somewhat frightened when the teacher allegedly got angry in front of the class as what my child relayed to me. But I soon dismissed the story by the time I talked with the teacher two days after writing her a letter regarding the "crying" issue. I interrogated her as politely as I could with what happened, and I finally realized that my daughter went through separation anxiety. No wonder during the first week of school, she kept begging me to stay by her side all the time. But this issue was already addressed by the teacher, I supposed because I saw some improvement in my child's behavior.

Sorry, it's a long introduction and contrary to the title of this post! (hehe)

By the way, we are almost nearing the end of July. A lot of great things actually happened this month which I regretfully failed to blog (sooooo busy). But the most surprising part (well not totally surprising because I know my child's capacity in terms of academic ) was Chesska's test scores in the first preliminary exam, knowing how she wrestled with separation anxiety over the weeks.

Chesska has aversion to writing but unexpectedly the teacher got Chesska to write her name nicely (applause to the teacher).  She also got a perfect score in the Reading test with the topics involving vowels and beginning sound. As a kid, I had never encountered this type of test until Kinder so I was wondering if a 4-year old could overcome this. Suffice to say, my kiddo did it with flying colors.

While in Math, she got 24 out of 25. The topics consist of shapes and colors. Find out where she got wrong.

This test was done orally and I am clueless how the teacher facilitated the oral test. Maybe my child was just really confused with the shape of the eggplant.

Lastly, her score in Language is 20 out of 25 (not bad!). She got all correct in Test 1.

However, in test 2, she mistakenly matched the name of the persons to the correct picture particularly the carpenter and the singer.

Test IV is the introduction of self which, I believe,  is the weakest part of Chesska's personality. While she was confidently practicing at home days before the exam, she became timid in front of her classmates. If she had met all the criteria below, she would have gotten 23 out of 25 in Language test. But it is no problem at all because Chesska is still going through the adjustment period.

Ironically, seems like I wanted her to get all perfect scores but it's pretty unfair on her part. She's just a child after all. I should have lowered my standard (hehe). From now on, I will train myself to only expect a passing grade and I hope Chesska will keep up the good work and at the same time enjoy the remainder of the preschool days.

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