Halloween Sensory Play

October 29, 2016
I am glad to present to you our Halloween-themed sensory play of the month, in line with this coming holiday. Since my 3-year old is scared of monsters or "momo" in our dialect, in which I used to scare her every time she misbehaves or disobeys (I must admit it was totally wrong , don't copy that), I came up with this Halloween sensory play to turn his scary thoughts into fun memories. Moreover, sensory play will encourage children to make use of their senses and bring out creativity in them. So I put together all the ideas found online and I incorporated mine too.

Materials needed for the Halloween Sensory Play:

1. large bin
2. black gelatin (2 packs)
3. orange balloons as jack-o-lanterns (3 pieces) idea from teachingmama.org
4. tissue papers cut into rectangular strips
5. DIY bats
6. cotton
7. spiders
8. some scary halloween design (thebestdecor.com)
9. sand

I used black gelatin instead of black beans since the former is less expensive than the latter. The fact that gelatin is edible, it is safe to use with children in case they accidentally swallow it. I also put tissue papers in rectangular strips to add more glow to the sensory bin.

I filled the balloons with sand to stay them in place and tried to draw scary faces but I didn't achieve what I wanted to (I am terrible at drawing...). I also cut out bats and pasted them on the side of the plastic bin.

I also put spider with cotton on it.

My 3-year old was curios of what's inside the balloon. She kept squeezing and shaking it.

She also loved to slice, dig, and bury creepy-crawlies which practices her fine motor skills.

I hope you will find this activity engaging and fun for your preschoolers.
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