My Giving-Birth Experience With My Second-Born "Psalm"

September 28, 2016
It's been a week since I gave birth to my second child which made my life and the baby somewhat in peril. It really never came to my mind that my delivery was riskier than my first because in the first place I am no longer newbie as far as pregnancy is concerned. But thank God I survived all throughout the pregnancy period and was able to deliver a healthy and strong baby!
Although my baby would complete its full term (40 weeks) on October 4, 2016, and supposedly my official due date, my doctor had decided to have me undergo repeat CS (my first born was CS because she was in breech position and the second one is automatically or normally CS also ) two weeks earlier than my EDD (expected date of delivery). So we finally set a date for my CS on September 20 and advised me to be admitted one day before the agreed date.

As polite as I am (after all doctor knows best), husband and I went to the Brokenshire hospital late in the afternoon and submitted myself for an interview and several check-ups (weight, temperature, etc). But prior to my admission, I already felt the hardness of my tummy when I was already on the verge of 36 weeks. But I just ignored it and never imagined it would endanger my baby's life.

After the interviews and check-ups, I was ushered to the delivery room for ultrasound using Doppler device to check baby's heart beat for at least 20-30 minutes. While at the half-way of the procedure, they noticed sudden drops of the baby's heartbeat, which made the attending physicians and nurses in the panic state so I was rushed right away to the Operating room for cs. Everyone was hurrying, busy with the assigned task. One was inserting a catheter, while the other one was shaving my private part (no time to be ashamed of). Some were injecting a medicine, getting blood,  putting heart device on my chest and donning sphygmomanometer to check blood pressure. The scariest part was when they asked me to curl up like a shrimp so they could inject anesthesia at the bottom of my backbone. Since then, I slowly felt numbness from my feet all the way to the lower breast. It seems like I was being slaughtered. But the nurses praised me for being so relax and quiet, not knowing that deep inside me I was praying fervently that I could get through this operation.

At exactly 8:45 P.M., I successfully delivered a healthy baby. No amount of words could explain how ecstatic I was the moment I heard her cry. Meaning she was well and alive! Then my husband was called right away to have him see her and take some photos.

Then at around 12:30 in the morning, I was moved from OR to our room for recovery.  While the anesthesia slowly vanished from my body, I slowly felt the pain of surgical incision. I was given antibiotics and medicine to at least relieve the pain. I wanted to cry but it's been said "Big Girls Don't Cry" (hehe), so I had managed to endure the pain. Every 3 hours, the nurse took a round to check my temperature, give medicine, and monitor my pulse as well. Unexpectedly, they saw some irregularities on my heart beats (skip beat as they call ) in which  I had to undergo ECG and blood test.  At the back of my mind, OMG, am I dying? Never in my entire life have I experienced heart problems. I was deeply worried until the cardiologist assured me that everything would be alright. The following day the nurse confirmed that my ECG result and blood test turned negative. I sighed with relief. Thank God!

Sorry I didn't have pictures lying flat on my bed with dextrose and catheter connected. It took me 24 hours to have those stuff removed from my body (see picture below).

I still looked pale and weak, continue fighting with the surgical incision pain.

Happy Granny together with her Apos (grandchildren)

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