Dinner Date at Cafe Lagoon Amiya Resort and Residences

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

I have always been on the lookout for a new and decent restaurant near us and who would have thought that there's one at Libby Road, Puan, where the place of gastronomy is located.  The resto is called Cafe Lagoon, literally facing a beautiful and man-made lagoon, one of the Amiya's prime amenities to their homeowners.

Since last Monday was a holiday (Labor Day),  my family and I took my aunt, who just arrived from Singapore, for a stroll, and for an intimate dinner so she would experience how it felt when in Davao. Sure,  Amiya Cafe Lagoon did not disappoint us for three reasons.

1. The Cafe Lagoon is relatively near from where I live. 

I am living in the remote area in the South, and most of the good restaurants are located in the North. So when I found out that Cafe Lagoon is just 10 minutes from where I live, it made me happy. At least now, we don't need to go through heavy traffic just to eat.

Cafe Lagoon at another angle.

2. Ambiance is soothing to the senses

I am always stressed with the kind of responsibilities that I have right now - mama duties, online job, teacher to my daughter -  but when I first landed on this place, my stress was instantly relieved. I am sure I would come back here over and over again. 

Taking a photo beside the Japanese hut, where you can choose to sit, relax, and dine. 
My husband went fishing whom he had been longing for a long time. Fishing rod rent is 50 pesos per hour. It's worth trying!
My daughter grinned after catching a small fish.
We sprawled on the ground while waiting for our dinner to be served.

Let's go to the interior. 

Unlike the other typical restaurants or food chains where you need to queue for your order to be served, here you have just to sit down, order from the menu, and wait for a few minutes. In fact, we were only 2 groups of people being catered by the resto. What I love about the place is that it is intimate, quiet, and uncrowded.

I really love the ceiling's design, wall frames, table setting, and everything. It's PERFECT!

Beside the aquarium

Koi Fishes
Dinner date with my aunt and family

3. Foods are affordable and delicious.

Gastronomically speaking, this restaurant offers delicious meals that will surely satisfy your craving. Take a look of what we ordered for a very reasonable price.

Tuna belly for 300 pesos good for 3 persons.
Their best-seller, beef with broccoli for 280 pesos.
Sinuglaw for 180 pesos.
Tropical Orange for 120

I forgot the price of this imbao soup but it's yummy. 

Amiya resort and residences is developed by the Kisan Lu Lands and Development Inc.

You may contact them through their Facebook page or you may call them through this number 09321949719.

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