Chesska Joins 5-Day McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

May 13, 2017
I can't count on my fingers when I constantly mentioned in my blog about Chesska's shyness. (At least now, she takes the initiative to mingle with her favorite cousin, Geero) So before the summer vacation began, I busily asked from fellow mothers from the neighborhood if they knew of a school that was offering summer classes or any activities which involve socialization to further build-up Chesska's self-confidence. A mother older than me said, Reading class while the other one mentioned Ballet class. So I asked my daughter:

Me: Ate Chesska would you like me to enroll you in Reading summer class? Your classmate is Riley (our neighbor her age).

Chesska: No, I will just practice Reading at home.

Me: Do you like dancing, don't you? How about Ballet class?

Chesska: I don't know how to dance.

Me: How about singing?

Chesska: I don't know how to sing.

Me: ngeek.

Having that dialogue, I decided not to force her to do something she didn't like. But when my husband's sister-in-law, who has been working at McDonald's for many years, told me about the Kiddie Crew Workshop, I encouraged my daughter to join. I finally got Chesska to attend the workshop when I said that Geero, her cousin would also join (Geero is the secret weapon hehe).
The registration fee is 650 pesos with the following inclusions: t-shirt, cap, bag, i.d. with lace, apron, chef's hat, scrapbook, completion button pins, certificate, and a daily meal.

Note: Pictures have low quality as they were only sent to us over Facebook.

Day 1 - Orientation

I was not physically present at the workshop so my mother, who watched over my child during that event, said that they were toured to different McDonalds facility. They were taught how to be a McDonald's crew in action. 
Chesska, standing first in the line

Foods facility orientation

Stationed in the  lobby to greet customers coming in the store

Front-counter training

Day 2 - Make-Your-Own-Cheeseburger Activity

The workshop provides a hands-on activity to children by making McDonald's cheeseburger, of course, with the proper guidance of the facilitator. After making, they will eat their finished product. Chesska is a huge fan of a burger, whose brand I won't mention, but she's only eating the patty and leaving the bun whole. But when she tasted the burger, she consumed it all. It's a miracle! (story relayed to me by my mother)

Day 3 Make-Your-Own-Dessert Activity

Anything sweet is Chesska's all-time favorite. She got excited while making one of the McDonald's best-sellers, sundae ice cream.

Day 4 Art and Talent Workshop

I did not get all the information on day 4, but apart from the activities mentioned, they did also have talent sessions, art workshops, and games. They were also asked to explain what they drew and surprisingly Chesska answered the questions with confidence.

Day 5 Graduation

Day five marked the end of the workshop. They received a certificate of completion and showcased their talents through dancing.

Summer fun activity like the  McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is an awesome opportunity for children to learn new things, make new friends, and gain values of hard work, teamwork and, self-discipline.

The workshop is done weekly starting from the month of March up to May. If you wish to enroll your children, visit the McDonalds website for enrollment process and other information. 

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