Back-to-School Challenges and My Steps to Take

June 09, 2017
School summer vacation is finally over. It's back to school again! As much as I want to wake up late in the morning, watch news while sipping a cup of coffee,  or take my younger child for a stroll around our subdivision, but having a kindergartener in our home is the end of our not-so-busy days.
Chesska's classes officially started last week and I am happy to announce that she already went straight to her classroom without the need of our company. This was one of our dilemmas last year when she needed to be chaperoned in going inside the classroom, knowing parents are prohibited from getting inside the school premises. Gladly, she learns to become independent right now. I just notice that as the older she gets, the more mature she becomes.

However,  our problem does not end there because there are still lots of behaviours of her that need to be resolved. They are actually existing ones (when she was still pre-school) that until now need to be addressed by us in a nice and smooth process. Here they are:

1. Waking her up on time.

Although it's not her first time to big school and she was used to early morning schedule, we still find it difficult to wake her up on time.

Action to take:

a. Have her nap at least two hours in the afternoon to restore the energy used in the whole morning class. Also, she won't really feel extremely tired when the night time comes.

b. Have her sleep at exactly 9:00 p.m. so she will get 8 hours sleep whenever we wake her up at 5:00 a.m., which is the earliest.

2. Getting her to eat. 

Getting her to eat is really time-consuming as she is picky-eater.

Action to take:

a. List down her favourite meal minus unhealthy and processed foods. She has only a handful of favourites such as eggs, chicken, arozz caldo and champorado.  She loves hotdog and burger but these foods are processed.

b. Aside from the foods mentioned, prepare new and variety of healthy foods that will entice her appetite. It's quite challenging, I know.

3. Getting her to sleep early at night. 

The result when she takes a nap in the afternoon is that she will never get sleepy easily. 

Action to take:

1. Allow her to play her toys for an hour until she dozes off.
2. Have her do her favorite activity such as drawing, writing, painting or pretend playing until she gets tired.
3. Give her a glass of warm milk to make her sleep sounder and better.

4.  Motivating her to study.

I never belittle my child's intellectual capacity, but remember that technologies today are stealing our child's attention and time (example, playing a tablet).  Also, I didn't have ample time in the afternoon to teach her lessons. 

Action to take:

1. Give special attention and quality time to study with her.

2. Set a time limit in playing tablet (one hour per day is the maximum). If possible, she will only play over the weekend. 

3. Provide hands-on activities to keep her busy while I am working online.

How about you mommies? What challenges have you encountered with your kindergarteners? 

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