Weekly Meal Planner to the Rescue

If there's one thing I've  always wanted to be doing every day,  it is cooking a variety and hearty meal for my family. But here's the problem. I can't do it as I've always been swamped with babysitting and working online. So my mother is usually in-charge on preparing our meals throughout the week. However, I always observe that she prepares the same dishes over and over. For example, this week, from Monday - Wednesday,  our breakfast was straight fried eggs. A kind of boring to the appetite, right?

So Our Solution? Meal Planner!

It's actually been a thought to create a weekly meal planner, however,  Ronan and I always forget to do it. But over the weekend, we finally found time to sit down and brainstorm what kind of meals we are going to prepare each day. And here's what we agreed upon.
Meal Planner Version 1
Creating a meal planner is not difficult to do.  First, we listed down all kinds of foods we've been eating ever since we became married (of course, with the absence of pork since we are not eating pork na). Then, I organized our gathered menus using a meal planner template and created two versions so we can use either of them alternately.
Weekly Meal Planner Version 2
Though there's no 100% assurance that I can follow these menus faithfully and cook all of them myself as you know I am always tied with many things, but I will make sure to post these on our kitchen's wall so my mother will not have difficulty figuring out what kind of dish to prepare next meal.

I am thrilled to use this budget-friendly, healthy, and hearty meal planner starting next week. Fingers' crossed (hehe).

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