My Newborn Clothes in the Early Months

October 01, 2012

I have these clothes ready in the hospital and at home:
  • Tie Side-Shirts - It is convenient to dress up a baby using this kind of clothes-to protect baby's cord from touching. I bought long sleeves and short sleeves tie side shirts. I did not buy many since baby grew extremely fast.
  • Pajamas- I bought three pajamas preferably white in color. I bought medium size since baby grew  fast within the first two weeks.
  • Mittens - I prepared 6 pairs of mittens. I bought 3 pairs while other 3 pairs were given by my sister-in-law. I'll tell you, you may receive a lot of baby suits from your friends. Mittens are used to avoid a baby from scratching her face.
  • Socks - Newborn feels chilly at first so I see to it I have her worn these.
  • Cap - One or two is just fine. Baby can wore this when going home from the hospital.
  • Bibs - I bought a lot of bibs. My baby spit up all the time, and I always keep bibs clean since it always  make contact with my baby's face and mouth.
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