My Newborn Sleeping Pattern

February 07, 2013
My newborn baby sleeping pattern especially at early weeks was very odd. She slept as much as 16-18 hours at daytime and stayed awake more for the rest of the night which interrupted my sleep. It was very rare if she slept a lot at night. I tell you, this kind of stage was the most sacrificial time I've ever encountered.

According to the research about newborns sleep, babies don't know the difference between day and night yet — and their tiny stomachs don't hold enough breast milk or formula to keep them satisfied for very long. They need food every few hours, no matter what time of day or night it is.(source:

By then, my breast sores, I couldn’t breastfeed my baby straightly, so the call of formula feeding was needed. I was like an owl staying awake at night attending my baby's needs. That was okay, it lasted only 8-10 weeks, after that, my baby recognized day from night.

What I did to overcome my baby’s sleeping pattern?
  • When she fell asleep at daytime, for instance, I  also fell asleep so that I could restore energy for the following day.
  • I had a company at home  in order to do some household chores. If a friend or my relative visits and would offer a help to look after my baby for awhile, I didn't hesitate to accept the offer because that's the time I could take a rest.
  • My husband and I exchanged role in taking care of the baby at night, it is our sole responsibility as parents.
  • Another thing, I searched different sites finding remedies on how to overcome this kind of difficulty.

Steps I Made to Help My Baby Sleep Tightly at Night

Any of these strategies would help:
  • Singing her a lullaby.
  • Feeding her until make her full. (She easily gets asleep when breastfeed.)
  • Playing a nursery music.
  • Having a warm bath before settling her down.
  • Rocking or cuddling her.
  • Keeping her room quiet and dim to make her fall asleep.
  • Checking her diaper if there is no leakage of wetness. (Choose a diaper that would not leak easily.)
  • Experiencing her to recognize between day and night (At daytime, the television is on, the washing machine makes noise, and at night time it is quiet.)

Lastly, patience is a virtue. Being a mother, I stayed patient and understanding to my newborn baby’s characteristics at this stage. I was able to get it through these tough times. Now, my baby is 9 mos. old, and she can sleep throughout the night. Also, I came across this from YouTube videos on How to help babies sleep throughout the night.

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The information shared on this site is based on my personal experience. Health condition and nutritional needs of a baby differs from other babies, it should not be considered  medical advice. Always consult your baby's pediatrician before taking action after reading this blog.
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