Newborn Baby’s Checklist: Things I Prepared Before ‘A Baby's “HELLO!” World’

Don't wait for “last-two” minutes to complete the things you need before delivering a baby. Based on my mom-to-be experience, I seldom went to malls after I gave birth to my unica hija.  So it is convenient to prepare all the things you need.  Here's the checklist:

  • Baby Powder - I use Johnson Mild baby powder. I apply it moderately all over her body to make her feel refresh. I often apply this when she is sweating.
  • Diaper - I prefer Pampers more than any other diaper brands. The design is very comfy as well as my baby’s comfortable too.
  •  Alcohol - I use Green Cross 70% solution. I pat gently with  cotton balls to clean her umbilical cord and navel. I suggest not to tie your baby's umbilical cord for fast drying. The stump will just fall off about 2 weeks.
  •  Petroleum Jelly -- I apply small amount of this oil around baby's butt to prevent diaper rashes.
  • Baby Oil -  After bath, I gently massage her cradle cap with Johnsons baby oil. I also use soft hairbrush to loosen the flakes. Her cradles started to show about 5 days since birth. Do no attempt to scratch to avoid rashes and infection. This will disappear in due time.
  • Wipes - I don't use specific brand for this. Wipe is used when my baby poops. However, I wash her butt with running water when at home. I usually use it during our travel.
  • Baby Lotion - Johnsons baby lotion helps moisturize my baby’s skin. I apply this every after bath. My baby smells fresh and kissable, of course!
  • Liniment Oil - Don't you ever forget to include Manzanilla in your baby kit. Mostly, babies are prone to gas pain. I have this ready all the time in case of gas pain discomfort. Before sleeping, I rub gently a generous amount of Manzanilla to my baby's delicate tummy and head. Why I chose Manzanilla more than any other brands like Efficascent?, simply it has mild menthol content.
  • Baby Bath- Aside from Johnsons baby bath, I use Lactacyd as an option. It is good to use for prickly heat and diaper rash.
  • Cotton Buds - I remove ear wax from her outer ear not in the inner ear to avoid infections.
  • Nail Clippers (for baby) - My baby finger nails grow fast, I carefully cut her nails.


  • Crib - It is the most important thing for me, I feel at ease when my baby was put in a crib when I have to do other household chores.
  • Mattress
  • Two infant Pillows
  • Mosquito Net
  • Pillow Cases

Traveling Accessories
  •     Baby Carrier
  •     Baby Bags with Many Compartments for bottles, etc
  •     Blankets (ones with the hood in the corner)
  •     Extra Clothes
  •     Powder, cologne, and infant's milk

  • I have at least 5 bottle-fed of different sizes. The smallest which is 2-ounce/60ml of bottle was used when my baby was a week old; 4-ounce/120ml of bottle from 1mos.-3mos. and increased in ounce, as she gets older.
  •  Baby plates, cups, and spoons are provided when she started to eat solid foods and drink water on her own.
Bathing Needs
  • Baby towels - I have bought two, smaller towels for her.
  • Small basins
  • Sponge or wash cloth - Choose a smooth cloth to ensure that the baby's skin will remain soft and smooth avoiding irritation.
  • Toiletries –Use baby soap or top to toe wash, baby powder with powder puff case, cotton swabs, baby oil, alcohol, hair brush, nail clipper, etc.
  • A soft-bristled hairbrush 
  • Tie Side-Shirts
  • Pajamas
  • Mittens
  • Bibs
  • Socks
  • Cap

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