5 Strategies to do Chores While Baby is Awake

March 08, 2013

Could you ever wash the dishes, do the laundry, cook food, or clean the house while your baby is awake? Yes, you could,  if you'll use your common sense. Just like a game of chess, plan wisely to make your pieces cooperate and coordinate.

I listed down five strategies based from my personal experience how to get works done from light to heavy household works while your baby's eyes are still wide open (LOL)

Strategy #1. Baby Carrier -  Make use of the baby carrier or baby sling.  While cuddling your baby, you can do household chores too such as picking up dirty laundry to put in the washing machine, cleaning the table, or folding clothes, etc.

Strategy #2. Let her Watch her Favorite Barney Video or other Educational Videos will do - This depends on the age of the baby. My baby loves to watch Barney starting at the age of 6 months until now. I just put her in the crib and let her watch a video over and over again until I notice that she interacts, by mumbling, smiling, or even laughing. This way, I can do a lot of household chores.

Strategy #3.  Accept the Offer - When someone offers a help, don't be shy to accept it. Sometimes, close friends or relatives who visit us,  often lend their hands for any help when you are already struggling doing the chores.
Strategy #4. Let her Play and Hold Attractive, Colorful Toys in the Crib - My baby cries when left alone in the crib, but when her eyes are busy looking with attractive toys such as teether, then she will be entertained. Even though her attention span would take a few minutes holding, biting, playing with her toys, at least I was able to do chores.

Strategy #5. Let her practice walking using Walker - While she is busy walking, I am also busy cleaning the floor but I make sure I stay close to her. My eyes keep following her while my one hand is busy doing things.

I hope this helps. How about you? What steps you take so you can do household chores?

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