Ten Reasons Why Babies Cry

Crying is normal for babies for a reason. It is the only immediate communication a baby can do. In the early weeks, it's hard to recognize yet what your baby is telling you, and you may feel distressed and panicked when you hear him/her crying out loud.

I have experienced a similar situation as described above, but as time passed, I was able to determine reasons why she often cried. Here are the following reasons:

1. Hungry

I affirmed that she was starving why my baby cried. I made it sure that she was fed on time and on her demand. She loved to be breastfed than to be bottle-fed, so I nursed her anytime she'd like. Anyway, my milk is always free and available.

2. Sleepy

I noticed that she scratched her eyes when she felt sleepy. When she would not be comfortable to stay awake, she cried. As a mother, you have to study her sleeping pattern and hours of sleeping. As soon as you recognize the duration of time, you can easily soothe her and prevent her from crying.

When my baby turned 6 months old, she took a nap one hour or less in the morning and in the afternoon. Most of her “awake time” was her play time.

3. Too Hot

Normally at this stage, a baby sweats a lot. The room must be well ventilated or much better is air conditioned so that the baby feels comfortable while sleeping.

4. To Cuddle on Mother’s Breast

When she got tired playing inside her crib, she wanted to be cuddled demanding a mother’s comfort around her or else, she would cry.

5. Teething

When the teeth start to break the gums, a baby will cry and whine aloud. My baby wanted to be embraced all the time because of her discomfort (Check out  some of the teething remedies here.)

6. Sick

She does not feel well when she was vaccinated by  DPT. Other than that, she was not sickly.  I've proven that babies who are breastfed are less likely to develop infections and diseases.

7. Discomfort (gas pains, wet due to urine, has feces )

When my baby felt discomfort like got wetness or with feces, she cried. I cleaned her up immediately.

8. Boredom

When she got tired playing with her toys and screwed up playing with them, she sought attention from us. If not attended from her demand,  she cried.

9.  Just Cranky

She just cried with no reason. Later on, she would stop crying.

10. Leaving Alone

When she noticed she was left alone in her crib or left for a short moment, she would cry out loud. She would insist to be carried whenever we would go.

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