Baby Has Diarrhea? What A Mom Should Know

My baby was diagnosed of Amoebiasis last week. It all started with frequent LBM, which persisted for 3 days.  I got panicked when I noticed her stool was watery with a little mucus on it, which I found to be very unusual than her normal poop. Such manifestations of symptoms alarmed me and suspected that it might be an Amoebiasis.  By then, we took her immediately to the clinic to have her checked by the Pediatrician and was asked if any of these symptoms developed such as fever, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Good thing my baby never experienced any of these. Initially, the doctor recommended these three medications.

1. Erceflora Bacillus Clausii-  An oral drops which contain billion of good bacteria that can fight against bad bacteria inside her tummy. (click the link for more details)

2. Glucolyte plus -  an Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT )  to counteract dehydration. (click the link for more details)

Glucolyte plus

3. Banana - It is rich in potassium that helps replace the loss electrolytes to those who have diarrhea.

In addition to medications, the doctor advised for FECALYSIS.  If you have never heard this term, Fecalysis is known as stool analysis. It refers to a series of laboratory tests done on fecal samples to analyze the condition of a person's digestive tract in general..(source)

Take Note: During first Fecalysis, the pathologist did not see any parasite or ova in the stool. On following day, I brought a sample of a stool again in the lab for repeat Fecalysis. Unfortunately, the result confirmed that she was positive with Amoebiases.

Here's a closer look at the result.

Diarrhea Fecalysis Result

So the doctor recommended a home treatment only since she has no fever and does not vomit at all. She prescribed two medicines to take 3 times a day within 7 days.

See full details here on Metronidazole Triconex.

 See full details here on Diloxanide Furoate.

It took 7 days of treatment before her diarrhea finally stopped. She used up almost 50 diapers. Just imagine how many times my baby pooped and the main cause is the culprit amoeba. Now, I am happy that she is totally recovered from this disease.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this site is based on my personal experience. The health condition of a baby differs from other babies, therefore,  it should not be considered as medical advice. Always consult a qualified pediatrician if you have questions or concerns related to your baby's health condition.

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