Bacillus Clausii - Erceflora

Oh Boy! My baby was pooping unusually, about 3-4 times for this day alone. It made me worry because she'd been diagnosed with Amoebiasis a few months ago which all started with a frequent diarrhea that persisted up to 7 days.  I remembered what my Pedia said  that when a baby had already a history of Amoebiasis, chances are,  this disease would come back.

I got panicked because I didn't  want this to happen again. I hurriedly checked out my article on my blog regarding medications on diarrhea.   Good thing I documented this for my future reference.  So I gave my baby Erceflora to be administered orally (2 bottles per day).  Gladly, her diarrhea stopped very quickly,  but despite her fast recovery,  I still continued this medication up to 3 days.
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