How to cook Mashed Potato and Mashed Squash?

Baby from 6 months onwards must be given fresh, natural, and indigenous foods.  In addition to breastfeeding, I gave my baby natural foods such as papaya, banana, watermelon,  mashed potato, and mashed squash, etc. I do not rely too much on instant food which you can buy from the mall. "The fresher the better".

I know preparing foods yourself is tiring, but when it comes to your baby's nutrition, you don't think twice to prepare it. Here, I will share with you how I cook mashed potato and mashed squash.

Mashed Potato - My Baby Loved it!

a. Potato
b. Butter
c. Cheese
d. Milk(evap)

a. Cut the potato into quarters
b. Boil the potatoes until tender then smash them. Or after boiling,
    I used blender for fine texture.
c. Melt butter in the sauce pan, and add the potatoes.
d. I put the milk slowly into the potatoes. Mix well. Be sure to lower the heat.
e. Lastly I put the cheese, then mix, mix, and mix.

Be sure that your baby is not allergic to cheese, butter, and evap. But my 10 months old baby
loved it so much.

Mashed Squash

a squash
d.milk (fresh milk or evap will do)

e.garlic (little amount finely chopped)

a. Cut the squash into small
b. Boil the squash until tender. The same process as above, you can blend it for
    fine texture.
c. Heat the pan, then melt the butter.
d. Saute the garlic
e. Put the smashed squash, then slowly put the milk. Mixed together.
f. Lastly put the cheese, then mix, mix, and mix.

My baby loved it too.Take note that  squash is a good source of Vitamin A for good eyesight.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this site is based on my personal experience. Health condition and nutritional needs of a baby differs from other babies,therefore,  it should not be considered  medical advice. Always consult your baby's pediatrician before taking action after reading this blog.
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