Climbing and Scattering Phase!

July 13, 2013

One quiet afternoon, I saw my 18-month-old baby inside our room, knocked down on her pillow, looked tired,  after pulling out all things inside our cabinet. Our room is completely scattered and messed up! It's like, it was hit by a typhoon, signal no.1 (lol). In fact, she is adventurous but buggy. She likes to learn every part and corner of our house. Everything she sees catches her attention. She tastes and bites anything she holds. Grab the things and throw them anywhere.When I pick them up and return to the place  where they belong, she again grabs them and throws them back. I try to discipline her by telling her to put the things back to the proper place,  she follows for a while,  and I affirm by clapping my hands for becoming obedient but later, she does scattering again. She also tries to reach everything in sight, like our calendar hangs on the wall. She rips it like a confetti.

She loves to climb on the chair, sofa, and tables and attempts to jump on the floor. It makes me tired, running after her and telling her, "not to do this", "not to do that". When I stop her from doing bad things, the more she becomes defiant and stubborn.  When I reprimand her by saying "NO", then she starts crying and rolls on the floor, appearing to be pitiful. For a mother, I could conclude that this is the most exhausting stage - Toddler Years.
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