My First Breastfeeding Experience

January 14, 2012, I gave birth to a cute baby girl, named Chesska. Since she was a breech baby, I delivered her via CS-section.  (Ouch!) Normally, babies born in hospitals have to undergo Apgar Test and Newborn Screening (NBS),  until the Pedia notified us that Chesska had to stay a few days in the nursery room due to Bacterial Blood Infection (Sepsis),  and she would be treated with Antibiotic for 5 days.

At the back of my mind, I insisted not to let her be confined in the nursery because I wanted her to be placed beside me,  so I could cuddle and breastfeed her , however, I was unfortunate that my breast did not express milk yet. So all of a sudden, I changed my mind,  and entrusted my baby's needs under the care of the nurses.

Brokenshire is advocating breastfeeding and it strongly encourages all Moms to breastfeed their baby after giving birth.  So the resident doctor advised me to visit often my baby in the nursery room to let her latch to stimulate milk production, eventually, milk would naturally come out. Aside from this, it will strengthen the bond between a mother-baby relationship. I waited for 2 days, but then, no milk yet. You know what? Letting a baby latch without milk from your breast is so painful. It was like, it would pull your internal organs out. Actually I couldn't describe the pain. So torturous!

On the 3rd day, my OB prescribed NATALAC capsule,  a lactation enhancer,  which has to be taken three times a day within three days. It was very effective because I felt my breast was getting tighter and heavier.  Also, my mother and friends advised me to sip soup with malunggay leaves (also known as moringa leaves) , and drink any beverages except cola because they said it would increase milk production, which is TRUE!

After following these prescriptions from both professional doctor and quack doctor (lol), finally, my breast was leaking with milk. My baby enjoyed sucking and was satisfied with it. She latched as much as 8 times per day. However, sucking activity of my baby had caused crack and sore around my nipples. Also, when I missed to have her latch, my breast was getting tighter and painful. By then, I decided to nurse my baby with formula milk mixed with breastfeeding, just to relieve the pain for a while. Also, I massaged my breast with a towel soaked in warm water, and sometimes soaked my nipple into a warm water with salt until relieved. I did it as often as needed. Take note, this is just a temporary relief, pain will continue to persist until 3-4 months.

Now, I am happy because I breastfeed her for 1 and a half year. I notice she grows as a happy and a healthy baby.

On the other hand, I came across this book which I bought at the National Bookstore,  entitled "Pregnancy and Childcare" by Jenny King. She pointed out the benefits of breastfeeding.
  • It promotes uterine contraction and reduces the risk of hemorrhage for the mother. Suckling enables the uterus to normal sizes.
  • Intimacy between mother and child is enhanced.
  • There are no bottles to clean or formula to milk to prepare.
  • Decreases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Helps in mother's weight reduction.
  • Breastfeed babies are safe from constipation, diarrhea,rashes, allergies, colds, and other infections.
  • Cow's milk is hard for the infant to digest.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this site is based on my personal experience.  It should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a licensed doctor if you have questions/concerns related to your specific health condition. 
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