Baby's First Vocabulary Words

Baby's First Words
At early months, Chesska  knew only mama, papa, tete, baby - just to name some, but as days, weeks, and years passed,  she had already learned lots of words, which I am very proud of.  How fulfilling, right?

Like all babies/toddlers, Chesska's means of communication starts first from cooing, crying,  making noise, or even whining. But when she reaches 6 months old and onwards, she begins uttering a handful of words.  I can tell that lots of factors can make a baby to begin utter words. What she hears and sees around can stimulate her brain to talk - music, toys, sounds, or even conversations.

As tips for moms,  this is how I encourage my baby to talk. I would always name the objects anything she held or pointed to. For instance, when she wanted to drink her milk, I would point the bottle first before I handed over to her and would associate with a question, "Want to drink your milk?".   Or sometimes, I would make a command like, "Get your Dora inside the cabinet.", or "Please pick up your toys".This way, she could easily understand what I am trying to tell her, and vice-versa.

So far, these are Chesska's vocabularies.

2. papa
3. do as "dog"
4. awny as "Browny our dog"
5. dirtit as "dirty"
6. sus as "shoes"
7. bebe as "baby"
8. papi as "puppy"
9. fis as "fish"
10. no
11. wan as "one"
12. to as "two"
13. te as "three"
14. fo as "four"
15. pi as "five"
16. si as "six"
17. toto - to latch to mother's breast
18. pol as apple
19. y as "why"
20. miming as "cat"
21. wee-wee as "to pee"
22. jus as "juice"
23. momo-"strange"
24. yes
25. pen as "open"
26. eyes
27. nose
28. mut as "mouth"
29. knees
30. er as "hair"
31. semsem as "seven"
32. eet "as eight"
33. nine
34. ten
35. eat

Simple Commands

1. Sit down.
2. Stand Up.
3. Get your "Dora" doll
4. Put it back.
5. Drink your milk.
6. Eat.
7. Take a bath.
8. Sleep.
9.Close the door.
10. Open

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