Chesska's 2nd Birthday held at KFC

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this review.

Finally, Chesska's 2nd birthday was successfully celebrated last January 14, Tuesday,  at KFC along Quirino Avenue here in Davao. I can't believe she's already two. Time flies so fast, right? By the way, Ronan and I chose KFC as a party venue for our dearest daughter, for a change. And speaking of a party venue, I knew, most guests especially the kids had been anticipating either Jollibee or McDonalds, but then,  we decided to go for KFC to give a little surprise and excitement to the kids.

But you know what? Chesska was so quiet and not even smiling all throughout the birthday party as if she didn't care - well she's just too young to understand what's happening around her. But she looked great with her Angelina ballerina attire but then she wore a frowny face. tsk... tsk...

Nevertheless, the party ended up smooth, and brought more excitement to the kids! KFC did not disappoint us. The party started at exactly 6:00 p.m. hosted by KFC's staff. Here's the flow of the program with a little tweak as suggested by myself.

*Opening Prayer
*2 Games
*2 Games
*Mascot Appearance
* Candle Blowing
*Giving away of Loot Bags

Their total package costs 4, 500 including party decor, themed loot bags, party hosting, invitation cards, party hats, cake, venue, themed prizes, cake and mascot appearance (foods are not included). click here for more details

Loot Bags for Girls- Lunch Box with Giant Puzzle Inside

Loot Bags for Boys- Lunch Box with Giant Puzzle Inside


Angelina Ballerina themed cake was not available so it turned out to be Chuckie Design. (chucks na!)

Mascot Appearance 

They danced, giggled, and took pictures with Chuckie.



From their menu packages, I ordered 30 pieces "Adult Meal Package" for 150 pesos each", consisting of:

*1-pc Chicken w/ Rice
*Any regular fixin
*Mushroom Soup
*Reg. Drink

For kids, I ordered spaghetti + funshots for 105 pesos. I just brought ice cream since you are allowed to bring provided that you sign their waiver.


I spent less than 12, 000 pesos for 32 adults and 18 kids. A bit pricey but it's worth it!

Final thought:

If you want something new; surprise your guests with nice prizes, loot bags, and mascot, then KFC is a fantastic and great venue for any occasion that suits your budget.Two thumbs up for KFC.

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