Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park - A Bukidnon Escapade Part 2

It's already been two weeks since I last wrote our escapade at  Camp Phillips Bukidnon. And this new blog post should have been published sooner right after Camp Phillips article, but then again, I had a crazy schedule for the past couple of weeks - aside from work,  I had a lot of responsibilities to take care of - so I was unable to do a blog post. Anyways...

Now,  I'm going to share with you our next series of escapades, which is the Dahilayan Forest Park adventure.  Dahilayan is one of the barangays of Manolo Fortich, where Dahilayan Forest Park is situated. The park is a 30-minute drive from the heart of Camp Phillips, Brgy. Agusan Canyon – the place where the administration and control of pineapples took place.

Before going to Dahilayan, the whole family had already set schedules for each place except Good Friday of course.

Wednesday - arrived at Camp Phillips
Holy Thursday - toured around Camp Phillips and Agusan Market
Holy Friday - watched "The Bible" series
Black Saturday -went to Dahilayan Forest Park
Sunday - explored Del Monte Club House at Cawayanon
Monday - Home Sweet Home (went back to Davao)

How do we get to Dahilayan Forest Park from Camp Phillips?

Camp Phillips is a passing point going through Dahilayan. We rented a multicab for 1000 pesos, a capacity of 10 or more. But there's another option to take you to the park via habal 2x (motorcycle), with a charge of 400 pesos for a round trip. As we were heading to our destination, we’d noticed a partially cemented-road specifically the right portion, and all kinds of vehicles were not allowed to pass since the concrete was still fresh. I guess it will be totally finished in 2-3 months time. Unfortunately, we passed through a bumpy road - mind you - it didn't bother us because we were busy sightseeing. Along the way, we saw a very lush and wide field of Del Monte Plantation, with the beautiful blue skies above, and a nice view of mountains and pine trees from afar. The cold breeze that gently kissed our skin was completely refreshing. Well, we credit that from the pine trees that give off lots of oxygen, plus the place itself sits at a higher altitude. Even though I haven't gone to Baguio yet,  but as far as the coldness of Dahilayan is concerned, I considered this place as the Baguio Capital of Mindanao.

Here’s the evidence of our escapade to Dahilayan Forest Park in a particular order.

 A quick glimpse of a wonderful creation of God while the cab's running.  

We stopped for awhile to take photos. Almost one-fourth trip to Forest Park.

Dahilayan Forest Park Main Entrance

Dahilayan Forest Park Entrance and Rides Fee

General Rules and Guidelines

Here we are! From the main entrance, one should go in the left direction and take a few steps going down the forest park. The mesmerizing ambiance of the hill along with the pine trees wowed us.

Forest Park

Forest Park with animal statues 

Picture2x pag my time

At the right portion of the forest park, a spot for best viewing of the nearby mountains.

Very clean and green landscape.    

In front of the hotel.


A 2-storey lodge situated in Adventure Park area, a few minutes walk from forest park.
As Dahilayan claims that they have Asia's Longest Dual Zipline, which is TRUE.
Kid's playground - Still located in Adventure Park.

There's nothing more exciting than driving around the 3.2 kilometers terrain and steep hills via buggy. A cost of 800 pesos is worth trying. (More pictures coming soon...)

Lastly, I will share with you my pros, cons, and recommendations. No offense for Dahilayan,  especially for my cons - keep in mind that wherever we go, whatever we do, there has been always room for improvements. I hope Dahilayan will take these "cons" as a challenge to further improve their facilities and services in order to satisfy their customer's needs. If I were to rate Dahilayan, I would give a score of 4.5 out of 5. The negative .5 is a room for improvement.


a. Dahilayan offers fun-filled activities which everyone can enjoy - both young and old.
b. You can avail discounts on entrance fee during weekdays.
c. The park has stunning views, perfect for selfie and picture taking.
d. Facilities are good.
e. Dahilayan is surely an ideal vacation spot for the whole family during summer for the climate is cool.
f. A little Baguio of Mindanao.

a. It is crowded during peak season - especially Holy Week when we were there.
b. No personnel assigned to check bags and things upon entering. For me it is SOP.
c. Every gesture costs a penny. So be sure you have lots of funds along to enjoy all adventures particularly buggy, luge, zorbit, etcetera.
d. The cafeteria is small to accommodate numerous guests during peak hours.
e. Comfort room is dirty and messy. No one clean regularly.
f. Not child-friendly since the forest park is slightly steep. Be sure to stay close with your child to avoid untoward injuries.
g. Lack of crews to address the needs of everyone especially during peak season.
h. It is very far away from Davao City.


a. Don't go during peak seasons.
b. Bring foods along to save extra money.
c. Go during weekdays to avail discounts on entrance fees.
d. If you want to try the buggy and ATV, don't go when it is raining or even drizzling. Buggy will not be available.
e. Bring lots of money if you want to try all adventures.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and feel free to ask question/s or drop your comment/s by using the comment form below. God bless!

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